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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday

This is a totally different week than last week for me.  I am home, and back to hand quilting...had fun with my little guys and I got some piecing done while I was with them.  This was between hockey games and snow shoeing with them.  They were extremely well behaved and we had lots of fun.

Now, what I am working on this week...this quilt is completely finished

This is the last of 3 quilts I hand quilted for sisters.

Close up
Back of quilt
this is a peek at the one I am hand quilting this week....just a peek. I want the owner to see it before posting the quilting.  I have one row of these blocks finished.
I have my projects ready for the "Ruffles" blog hop starting very soon.  Planning my flag on a stick.
I also finished piecing the Double Wedding Ring quilt I am making for a customer.  Here is a peek.
I will show you more later on. It will be the next one hand quilted. I need to get some quilts basted to machine quilt's been ages!!!!

A peek at ruffles......and the wedding ring....


  1. just a bit of a change from snowshoeing! some wonderful peeks you're giving us The DWR is lovely!

  2. you have been busy with your hand quilting and also teasing us with just peeks

  3. No snowshoeing here! Whoa! So bright it hurts the eyes but COLD!!!

  4. I'm partial to the wedding ring. It will be very striking with the black background.

  5. It looks like the sewing was a bit more productive this week, Marjorie. ;-)

  6. The DWR looks pretty from the peak.

  7. The colours of your wedding ring quilt are much nicer than what I usually see used for this pattern!

  8. love the look of the wedding ring , will you machine or hand quilt it when it is done??
    in stitches........ i think I have the comment thing fixed again

  9. I hope your sisters know how lucky they are. Thanks for the sneak peek at ruffles and wedding ring, hopefully you won't make us wait too long.