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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hey folks!!  I have made it back home in one  I had a blast with our grandsons, and we had snow days!!  Oh my...3 little men to take care of and play with all week. They went snow shoeing with Grampy while Grammy shoveled snow. Grampy had surgery on his hand and can't do that yet.  Lucky me!!  lol.  I don't mind doing things outside like this though.  I boys loved helping and jumping on what I had already moved and knocking it back

We came back home late yesterday and although missing them; it is nice to be home and in my own bed. I will show you what I planned to post last week; I couldn't get my ipad on line at my son's I forgot to get their internet password from them....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I am halfway with the quilt that I last showed you....and I did bind a customer quilt while away.

I am linking up to Monika and Lee.   Have a look folks.


  1. Hi Marjorie: What sewing machine are you using? I have a Bernina 820, not happy with it, wanting reviews of other quilt sewing machines long arm - but the kind where you sit and move fabric (not move the arm). Your looks like a handi quilter - is that right?

  2. sounds like the perfect weekend with your grand kids
    It's always nice to get away and then nice to get homje again too.
    Happy stitching
    in stitches ( i think I have the comment thing fixed again)

  3. It sounds like you had your hands full with all of those snow days. I'm sure you made lots of memories for the little ones.

    There is nothing like one's own bed!!

  4. Nothing beats time with grandchildren. At least you got something done creatively too.

  5. Great you had time with your grandsons and you weren't entirely idle with stitching .

  6. They can make you long for bedtime! LOL Darn passwords!

  7. Hi we are in new Orleans. Just got here. The day went well but am tired. Wish we didn't have to go and get something to eat. Barry never seems to care if he eats but I have missed every meal today and need somethig.
    I got 5yards of white Muslim each for you and Connie. There was a maddens right down from the hotel in Portland. I couldn't find the other quilt shop. I wished I would of had more micheals coupons but I only had one. The quilt batt regular price here is $16.99. Does not make sense why ours is so expensive. I hope to find another coupon when I get back to Portland. I need to eat talk to you soon.

  8. Hello Marjorie, I am visiting from Jan's blog at Sew & Sow Farm, 'cos she asked us to go visit her followers. Nice to see the grandies. I am blessed that mine live literally just up the road. Love them to pieces!

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  10. What's with men with injured hands this winter? My adult son broke his hand so I got the snow shovel all to myself, too. As long as it is only hands that are out of order ....