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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well, it's been a few weeks since I posted a WIP.  I don't think I even showed you the beginning of this quilt. 
I just finished hand quilting it...
adding a couple of pictures...trying to get the light right...not working.  the top pic is closest to the colour.
this was a nice one to hand quilt too.

this is the one I am working on now...
Just started quilting on it today.  Now, I also have my projects all ready for the RBD Gingham blog hop coming up early in Sept.  And working on the project for the Rush Hour hop the end of Sept.   can't show you these though....

I have 2 more quilts waiting to be hand quilted and another on its way.   so...still busy for awhile.  I have 3 here of my own to be machine quilted, and piecing more.  You know we have long winters...right???? Lol

was a very hot day here today. I mowed the lawns and picked fresh veggies for supper. In a couple of days I should have peas ready to harvest. this keeps me busy this time of the year. Enjoy the WIPs this week.