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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What is going on here lately

it is not sewing!!  I am getting a little sewing and quilting in, but not the usual at all...LOL
It's all because of this.....

One of our best gardens is this year.  I froze 28 pint bags of green beans in the past few days and eating lots of beet greens and Bsby carrots.  Besides  making pickles.

These are looking nice now too...

so; I am still here...just not with quilt pictures?


  1. Wow, that looks amazing, Marjorie! What a beautiful sight! I always admire people with green thumbs!

  2. Oh, but the rewards of that wonderful garden and the time you spend on it! I take such pleasure in my little deck garden, so I imagine you must feel pretty happy! I think eating those pickles in the dead of winter while quilting sounds darn good! lol

  3. Summer gardens and canning take up so much of our precious quilting time. Your garden looks very productive this year.

  4. Your garden looks fabulous. It must take a lot of time to keep it going. Ours is much smaller. Our yield isn't as good this year, but it's still great to have the fresh vegetables.

  5. you have certainly got plenty to eat over the winter months. I see the leaves are already changing colour, looks like we are in for an early autumn.

  6. Blimey, that'll keep you busy! It looks wonderful!