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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Has been a long few days here this past week. My husband has been working long hours at snow removal in the city. But with that said....I have been sewing and hand quilting lots!!!!

Two weeks ago I showed you....
Now I am near the end.  One more row of blocks and a border to hand quilt.
And I showed you this....
A small stack of fabric...which has turned into this custom order...
This picture just shows one quarter of the quilt...called Blossom Lane.
This will be hand quilted next....

I am also working on a few projects for the Tree Bird blog hop taking place in March with Madame Samm.  So...hands are not idle for sure!!


  1. Your hand quilting makes this quilt sing!! Just lovely!

  2. Beautiful work. You have been very busy to get so much done so fast.

  3. Both projects are lovely. What do you use for marking when you are hand quilting?

  4. They are both so! I'm in awe of your amazing hand quilting!

  5. Just love the quilting you have done on the churn dash , and the quilt you are making is a very interesting pattern !

  6. Wow, that Blossom Lane Quilt really jumps out and says hello, huh? Love that. It's going to look spectacular hand quilted. Lane

  7. That Churn Dash is just gorgeous with the quilting.. I really like the design in the custom cult too.

    I can see your hands are never idle. I think I need a few snow days here.

  8. These are just gorgeous! Wow wow wow

  9. They are so lovely, Marjorie !! Great work !!