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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Byay!!! Another week of winter gone.....I should not be wishing time by, but I am telling you...this is enough of winter for me this

I am linking up to Monika at and  It has been a busy week here but a fun one too. Monday, I got together with 7 lady friends for a sewing day. We met at a church that a couple of them attend and had a great day of sewing, laughing and chatting. There is nothing like it to start the week!!!!

So....WIPs for this week.

I am right in the middle of this customer quilt that I am hand quilting.
Close up...I just turned it, so not a lot to see.
This next piece is a table topper by Karen over at Karen-  Ly Created, Marla and I both worked on one of these Monday.
I like it!!!!
You might remember the peek I gave you last week of the appliqué it is on Tiara now.
This is one block...I am doing all over meandering on this one.
Next are the rows for the Bella Solids quilt that our group of 5 are making with our local Fabric shop.
There are 7 rows here to put together, then I am adding 2 borders to give it some more size, as it is lap size right now. It is mainly HSTs with a 4 patch thrown in here and there...very simple but neat.
Tomorrow, I will be doing more hand quilting and machine quilting on the quilts above. Still working on pieces for the Tree Bird blog hop, and I picked up an order for a t shirt quilt today. so, won't be idle.

Have a great week and stay cozy ...maybe snuggle in a nice quilt, eh!!


  1. I LOVE that table topper. Your autumn quilt is wonderful too.

    This has been one tough winter for so many people. I hope it warms up soon.

  2. Wow! Something fun for whatever mood you're in.

  3. Dyour table topper looks very pretty in the picture. I didn't have enough black for my second one so will have to go through my stash today or buy a piece tomorrow. Doesn't looked to bad so far today.

  4. Love your circular project, very striking color combo

  5. Great projects! I'm loving those gorgeous curves in your table topper. It's so modern. The applique quilt is adorable!!! Can't wait to see all of that! What a lucky customer to have you hand quilt it. Great work.

  6. Love the colours you chose for your tabletopper. I have Karen's pattern too. I need to get that one started. Can't wait to see how your solid HST quilt turns out.

  7. you get to work on such diverse quilts and projects! The solid hst's should be very interesting when you get them together!

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