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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here we are again!! This has been one hectic week; for most of us. With Bloggers Quilt Festival going on; and May Giveaway! I have made it through over 200 of the quilts entered in the festival...There are some beautiful quilts folks; hope you have had a look.  Then the big giveaway day...I have been overwhelmed with responses and just trying to get around to comment on one page of the categories so is unreal how many people are taking part in the it!!

Now on with progress: 2 scrappies are waiting to be quilted
                                   1 bag finished
                                   1 table runner finished
                                    charms table runner waiting to be quilted
                                    1 sampler quilt in the frames to hand quilt(commissioned)
                                     May's FMQ Challenge piece finished
Now the pics:
                                   Bag: front and back

Charm Table Runner
FMQ #1


Commissioned Quilt

Table Runner.
Aren't you glad I am lot of pics.  The FMQ was easy to do; # 1 has stitch problems; that is when my FM foot decided to break.  #2 is ok....I could have filled it in more. But so much going on right now. I mainly wanted to get it done before I forgot about it.  I want to thank Leah for doing the tutorial this month...I found it very informative.

I am linking up to Lee and Monika; please join us.



  1. I can scarcely keep up just reading about your week! I love the bag!

  2. You certainly accomplished a well as spending time browsing the quilt festival!! Great job!

  3. There is a lot going on there for you. I have enjoyed looking at the different quilts too.

    Your FMQ is looking terrific as are your other projects. Isn't it great to have finishes?

  4. You have certainly accomplished a lot in spite of the wonderful Bloggers Quilt Festival.

  5. Love the tote bag Marjorie ,cute design. The sampler quilt looks lovely and should be fun one to quilt .You have had a busy and very productive week , good for you :-)

  6. You must have some energy level to be doing so many things. Lovely.

  7. You always have so much going on!! I really like the bag with hopewell rocks (or at least I think it is!). Thanks for visiting my blog, and your right, my baskets may come in handy for different colors of scraps one day.

  8. Lots of stuff going on! :) I love the charms table runner, it's really pretty!

  9. You have really been busy! Love the bag the best!

  10. Gee, this must cut into your out and about time. Great stuff!

  11. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you are so busy!

  12. Great how much nice things you got done. How do you do it while keeping up with so much internet stuff?

  13. You keep so busy! Everything looks wonderful

  14. You're always so busy! Love the bag. Bags are my weakness.