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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back Home from Pennsylvania!!!!!

Wow!!!!  I had one fantastic trip last week. We travelled to Lancaster,PA on a bus tour; and had so much fun! I owe a lot of the thanks to Marla,who roomed with me, she really made it a great trip.
We visited many Amish homes and craft shops along the way. Saw amazing quilts; couldn't count how many. I do have some pictures, but not on this computer; so a bit later I will post them for you.

We had supper with an Amish family one night...a wonderful experience.  We saw 'Jonah and the Whale' at the Sights and Sounds Theater.  You really need to google that and check this place out!! We weren't allowed to take pictures in was unreal!!!!!!!!  

We attended a dinner theater...'The Confession'...wonderful night also.  There are so very many beautiful little shops I can't begin to remember them all. A great street in Litiz full of quaint shops!!
The Wilbur Chocolate Factory....a pretzel name it; we did it!   lol

We went for a buggy ride with the Amish...I am so glad that I took this trip.  And; btw; I ate wayyyyyyyyy too much; wonderful restaurants. Our last meal in the US was at D'Millo's..a floating restaurant in Portland, Maine.   Fantastic place!!!!

Well that is it for tonight...I got in at 9pm yesterday....and had a hard time winding down to sleep. So; I am quite tired all in a day or 2...