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Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to Lancaster.PA

Good morning folks; I know I've been squeezing so many posts in this morning.  Trying to catch up a are a few pictures of our wonderful trip last week.  It was hard to get pics of everything; and I didn'  With such tight scheduling; we are rushed most of the time; but we had a great time....

The Amish buggy going through town,

This is a bit blurred.....but i did get it turned around for

 This is Marla holding this quilt out for me to take the picture.
This was at the lancaster Cannery....
This was at Lapps's Quilt shop....our tour guide, Julie helping Rachael..the Amish lady to show us the quilts on the bed ...they were beautiful!!

I can't begin to remember all the names of the shops we visited; but they were all unique/ believe me!

Marla and I brought back a nice big stack of fabrics

If you check out Marlas blog; link is will see more pics and the one of us in front of D'Millos....that is the floating restaurant......

It is a trip you should take if possible....I hope to have more pics later, when I get some of the other  
folks cards to download...they have better pics than I do.  I am bad at taking( or should I say not taking pics when I should).....enjoy!!


  1. What fun sights for you to enjoy! The quilts are beautiful too.

  2. Marjorie , this is one trip I would love to do , I have a real fascination with the Amish and love their quilts .I am sure your trip was very memorable :-)Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you had such a great time. One of these years, I hope to catch that show too.

  4. Wow, it must have been fun to se all that and to come home with lots of fabric!