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Monday, September 24, 2012

September's FMQ Challenge Block

This is going to be a very short a sweet little, I just got home and have a million things to do.   But I wanted to get my sample posted for this month before I forget about it!!  It was a nice challenge, but I was rushed. I will do this again and take my time with it this time.  I used Don;s way of transferring the stencil on to the fabric.  I used air soluable marker and it dissappeared before I got finished; so I found it hard to get the outside points just right. But here it is....It was a good challenge....thanks you to Darlene and Paula Reid for the work they put into it for us.

You can see from the points  what I was talking about above.....goodness; better luck next time,eh......


  1. I think your sample is just beautiful! Great job!

  2. I've never tried the air soluble markers--I consider myself warned!
    You are doing really well--it is hard to follow marks that aren't there. : )

  3. I have not used air soluable before and appreciate your tip. How long did the markings last? Your piece looks very nice and I agree it would be impossible to follow disappearing lines!

  4. See, the whole marking thing makes it all so much more stressful! I've had the same problem with air erasable markers that the mfg said would disappear within a few days, but mine disappeared within about 15 minutes while I was trying to quilt! Then I hear about other people who have had marks never disappear at all, or seem to disappear but then come back like some ghost of quilting past. I am behind shedule and need to get going on this challenge before the month ends, but I can't decide how to handle the marking!

  5. It looks great, Marjorie. I've had the same fun and games with the air erasable - I understand it depends on the humidity at the time... I tend to live in a humid climate so use mine with care!