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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quilts, Quilts,Quilts

Remember I told you about our sewing group making 5 quilts on Saturday????  Well; here are 3 of them finished!!
This first on belongs to Connie; from Shepody Mountain Crafter...was going to give you the link...but blogger is not co operating right now.
This one belongs to Rose; not a blogger, but a good friend
This one is mine.....these are all the same pattern done in different colors.  Isn't it amazing how different they can look......I call mine 'funky' because it is totally different than my normal style.  

We had a great time getting these together; and Judy and Marla will have theirs on here soon.

You might see the fabric better in this one....


  1. All three are fun and cheerful quilts.

  2. Isn't it amazing how differently they look with different fabrics?

  3. I do like this design, will try and work out how you have done it, I am quite new to quilting and have been working my way through different blocks to decide what I like or should I say what I can do!

  4. Fun quilts and it is really neat how different the same afternoon can look in different fabrics !

  5. Oops , I meant to type pattern , sometimes this IPad has a mind of its own lol.

  6. very nice quilts and I love that they are all the same pattern but look so different.