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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday!!

Oh...Wednesday  why is it as we get older; they come around more quickly???? Well; it is here and I am ready this week.  It's been a good week for sewing and other chores...our hardwood is all in for winter; I am getting to the end of painting my new doors...thank goodness because it is cool now and harder to paint outside.

WIPs for this week:  Now I am not going to list those of my own waiting to be quilted because they have been here awhile and might still be here for some time. But in regards to what I am working on......

I finished the customer quilt that I showed you last time....twin size:

I have the next customer quilt in the frames and hand quilting it now....this is all Batiks; very nice to quilt.

I finished the 8th block for the QAYGAQL with Amira...
 close up.....

I have my pieces ready for the 'Wicked' blog hop...but can't show
I am working on something for the "Boys' hop and 'Black Tie'.

I do have the cross stitch quilt top put together, but forgot a picture....I will show you soon.
I am getting 3 more quilts tomorrow to hand quilt....I think they are lap size...not sure.
I do have a small piece pinned and ready to quilt on Tiara too.  
I am also doing a churn dash quilt as a group thing with our local quilt shop....The Fabric Cupboard.
This is the 100 Club that I join once a year....This quilt is done on a monthly basis; lots of fun...we are doing it completely in Bella Solids.....I'll try to remember to takes pics of some blocks for next time.

Well; I think that is it for me this week...meeting with the sewing buddies tomorrow night. Not sure what I'll work on then...have to bring something or I 'll just talk and drink

You know the drill; linking up to Monika and Lee; come take a look.


  1. That rocket quilt is adorable, Marjorie. I'm keen to see what you are for those hops!

  2. Well your corner is busy this week, Marjorie! Love the baptist fan quilting on that rocket quilt. It looks fabulous! We just filled our wood room this weekend, too. We will both be glad when the cold comes!

  3. Your quilting on the blue quilt is just adorable. Love it.:-)
    And you keep very buzzy....
    I'm mostly impressed by all the hand quilting you are going to do.
    Have a cozy meeting tomorrow, and enjoy.

  4. The fan was a great choice for the outer space quilt. What a darling quilt! Kudos to your customer.

  5. I love the quilting you did on the rockets!

  6. Everything looks great and you are so busy!

  7. Very nice Marjorie. Love all the pieces. I am way behind on Amira's pieces but can't see getting to them for a while yet. I will have to get caught up before she starts putting them together. Great day at work. Talk to you soon.

  8. Love all your work Marjorie -- it's amazing how much hand quilting you get done ! Thanks for sharing!

  9. so much quilting done, silly me I thought it was all done literally by hand but you use a machine I see from the picture so have worked out you use the machine which is not a long arm quilt machine and guide it yourself

  10. Lots of quilting going on at your house these days Marjorie , looking great !

  11. As productive as ever. Good thing or I'd be sending you a thermometer to check how you are! LOL

  12. Great how much you got done in a week, hopefully it will rub off on me just by reading your blog ....