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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Finish

As you know, I am working on customer quilts....well just finished this beautiful Bargello on my Tiara.
I delivered the quilt yesterday to a very happy lady, who did a super job piecing this quilt!  I don't have the best pictures, but here is the Bargello....

this is the whole quilt draped over a chair...
a closer look at the quilting....I did big flowers all over this quilt with meandering loops joining them here and there. it couldn't have gone any very pleased with it. And I must say, I love the colours in it.


  1. Great quilting, Marjorie - Love your flower pattern! And soooo many seams to stitch through on those bargellos, eh

  2. That looks beautiful. I love the colors she used too.

  3. Beautiful quilt and you did some amazing quilting to really finish it off.

  4. Nice quilting and how can you go wrong with a black and red quilt. I bet your customer will be so happy!