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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Here we are again folks...and the snow is slowly melting!  spring is in the air...a little anyway.
My WIPs for the week are:
I finished hand quilting and bound this one...Blossom Lane
I now have this one in the frames to hand is made by a friend's grandmother, years and years ago...Log Cabin
It is a little bigger than a lap quilt...started working on it yesterday.
I put this runner together on Monday when we had our sewing get together...
It is cut out with the Go Baby!  And I've just started to appliqué the pieces in place.
Now, I did also finish the Bella quilt, borders are on...just didn't take a picture yet...I will.

This next one is a peek at one of my projects for the Tree Bird blog hop starting on the 13 th.
my day is the 18 th....make sure to stop by now.


  1. WOW!! Marjorie, you are one busy quilter! Love all of the projects!! Imagine having a quilt top that your grandmother left behind!! What a good friend you are! It is going to be an heirloom to be loved and appreciated for decades to come, thanks to YOU!!

  2. You have a lot to keep you busy with the coming of spring. I love those little umbrellas. The Log Cabin will be a real treasure when it is finished.

  3. You quilter faster than anyone I know. Wow! Great finish. The applique is lovely. Looking forward to the blog hop. I'll be cheering from the sidelines. I didn't do this one.