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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Good morning everyone!!!  I am linking up to Monika over here... and Lee at is close to tea time for me, so I decided to sit down and put a post up.  This week, I am about half way through the hand quilting of this quilt top....

This is a kit from Connecting Threads, called Prints on Point.  I have this next one ready to pin baste for the Tiara.

Now, The back is pieced for this one pics this morning, but once it is quilted, I will take pics to show you. The back is a row of these same blocks which form a sort of pinwheel...with two shades of Gray on either side of the row of blocks.

I am about to machine quilt my pillow for the July FMQ Challenge.  I have 3 quilts on the way to be hand quilted for customers. 

I think that covers quilting for me right now. But.....I just came in from the garden.  Look what I have picked for supper!!!!!

beet greens!!!!!!!! Now to wash them up and wait!!!!!!  Lol
This is just thinning part of the row.  Yum yum
Have a great week...looks like ours is going to stay wet, so gardening and will be mowing between showers, I guess.


  1. Your CT quilt is going to be beautiful, Marjorie. The hand quilting looks so pretty on it. Yellows always make such a happy quilt in my opinion. I can't wait to see this one finished.

    There is nothing like the fresh garden produce. Enjoy.

  2. I love that Connecting Threads pattern and almost bought it. I may have to go get it now that I've seen your beautiful quilt. Love it!

  3. The CT quilt is lovely , lots of things on the go , nice to be busy . Lovely beet greens , I am sure they will be extra tasty . Raining heavy here right now with some thunder :-(

  4. great ct quilt, i am planning for something same aside from virginia videographers biz.