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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet My Machine

Stacey over at The Tlited Quilt is having a link party and a blog hop. It is a party to meet our machines and talk about our sewing spaces.

So here goes:
  • Please tell us about your current machine - make, model, etc. (and if there's any story behind you obtaining it, etc.)
  • Well; I have 3 machines...the oldest being a Singer which is about 10 years is a heavy duty machine with a lot of functions that I haven't used at all!  Came with an extension table too. 
  • The newest is about 3 years old Baby Lock CC which is now the it! I got it when I wore out an older Singer...My dealer recommended it. And my Kenmore Serger.....I've had it for probably 15 years but rarely use it....I love it; just don't have a huge need for it. But it is a great working machine.

  • What's your favorite machine accessory/doo-dad? 
  • That would be the speed control and needle down position on the Baby Lock....the Singer doesn't have nice when FMQ
  • Tell us a little about your first sewing machine - is that the one you still use today?
  • My first machine was a Ricker; I believe...not positive,inherited from my was an ok machine back then because I only did mending and things like that at that time.
  • If you could have any machine (let's say you win one for FREE tomorrow...) what would it be??
  • If I could have any machine would be a longarm!! I would have one now; if I had the  But that would be the fun one for me. And for a special feature on my machine that I have now....I would like to be able to write with looks much nicer than me writing FM; believe me!!!!    lol
I hope this tells you a little about what I use here in my daily routine.  Now my sewing space. Don't expect tidy now....hahaha

This is what you see when you first walk into my sewing room...clutter!! But it is all fairly organized....really!!

Now as we move to the right of the cutting table here...and my GoBaby.
Continuing around to the right of the space....threads...scraps in glass jars....heading to the ironing area. You see a stack down there in the corner....that is commissioned quilts stacked to be done...along with some of mine.

Now back completely around back to the door again....stacks of baskets full of fabric and shelves of books.
this is the far left of where we started beside the serger in the corner there.   These cupboards hold fabric. Plus above them is a shelf full of fleece.

there ...the doors are open to see all the bolts of fabric!!!!  I told you the room looks cluttered.....but really it is organized pretty well.....just too many little things for the
I need to get some things down from the walls and put in project; maybe.

Well; I hope you enjoyed the tour and the info....if you have any questions; please feel free to ask.
I an linking up to The Tilted Quilt...take a look.


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I just LOVE seeing other people's spaces :) I'm also a Baby Lock girl, and I'll be sharing later this week! Your bolts are to die for - I feel like I could do some serious shopping in there...if only you weren't so far away :)

  2. My husbands comment "seen one seen 'em all". Yes, that is true, only thing is I keep my other two machines in a closet and my fabric is just kind of piled up and in plastic boxes. I do have thread in drawers, I read someplace it keeps longer. Must be true, some thread I have leftover from 1978, the last dress I sewed for my Mom.

  3. You have a lovely sewing space, it sure is nicely organized.

  4. That Singer really looks like a sturdy worker; my first machine (purchased in 1970) was a Singer Touch n Sew. I still use it today and wouldn't trade it for the newest Bernina! Beautiful studio, I don't have the nerve to show my sewing cave!

  5. What a fun post! It's always great to see where others create.

  6. I'd say your sewing space is very well organized and well equipped just waiting for that next project. Thanks for the tour!

  7. I love seeing your sewing do a great job with organizing everything. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks like a very productive sewing space!I love to see that other people's spaces are as busy as my own! I've never sewn on the machines you have; I also have an overlocker sitting barely used...!

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  10. Hey Marjorie!
    Thanks for linking up with our hop! I loved your post :)
    (could you pop by and help me organize my fabrics? lol!)
    I hope you had as much fun writing your post as I did reading it!