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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winner of my Nancy Drew hop Is!!!!!!!

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Random number 6; who is....drum roll please!!!     ThearicaMarch 11, 2013 at 9:07 PM
That fringe bag is just way cool! My granddaughter would love that!    Congratulations Thearica!! I will send an email. 

I want to thank everyone who stopped by during this hop and the blog party hop...I really enjoyed reading all the comments. I hope you will come back so I can get to know you better.

Now; for National Quilting Day.....I spent the day with 4 friends making a pillow cuff. It's not quite finished yet; but I will post it as soon as it is. I had to stop early and


  1. Congratulations Thearica for your win.

  2. Congratulations to the winner. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.