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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hey ......I know; I am really late today, but I had a headache this morning...just didn't get to it. Sorry.
Connie and Marla were in this afternoon for our sewing get together, they did a little sewing...I talked. Didn't feel like concentrating on the sewing part today, but going back out tonight to give it a try.
We did get a lot of chatting in

This week I have a few new things in progress for you!!
This is a double size quilt that I am hand quilting for the same lady that made the last 2 that I posted.

This is a table runner in progress; it is mine!!  Connie and Marla are working on one too.

This is a little progress on the Garden Fence quilt....half the blocks are put together now.

I have picked up another lap size quilt to be hand quilted. So still very busy here.

Linking up to Lee and Monika  take a peek...lots of talent around blogland.


  1. I can't imagine handquilting a bedsized quilt! It'll be fab once it's done though. I love you table runner blocks too :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon. The table runner blocks are fabulous.

  3. Sorry to hear your weren't feeling well . Lots of fund objects on the go , interesting quilt you are making .

  4. Even with a headache, you still manage to get so much done!! Hope you are on the mend now!

  5. That table runner is gonna be smashing. Long winters do lead to headaches. sheesh!

  6. Great projects going on. Love the NYB blocks, that runner will be awesome.

  7. Hope your head is feeling better. Your blocks are lovely, but that quilt! Had to pin it, and I think I have the fabric for it.