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Friday, November 22, 2013


If I seem excited that it is Friday; not really...goes by too quickly. But it is a beautiful sunny cool day here in New Brunswick, I have laundry on the line and have been doing things outside...lovely day!!

I finished hand quilting the embroidery quilt yesterday; and have a couple of pics for you to see.
It isn't bound yet, but that will be on in a couple of days. Then delivered!!!!!

The lighting is so very bad; this quilt is all white on the back. I didn't want to take it outside...just in case I got something on it....

Hopefully you can get the jest of it here....

Have a great weekend folks!!!!



  1. Very good on your work, I am just starting to learn embroidery so I know how super hard it is, so very well done of you! I can't even imagine how long this took though.

  2. Beautiful quilt Marjorie , love the quilting !

  3. What a labour of love! The pattern is delightful!