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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday


Hello everyone....this has been a great week. I managed to get a lot accomplished.
My WIPs this week are as follows:
Finished.....hand quilting the last customer quilt needed for Christmas
 As you can probably tell; this is for a old school!!!!!

I literally finished this about 20 minutes ago...wanted it on this post.

Next on the list this week is the last block for the 'About a Quilt' QAYGQAL...that is a

And last but not first queen size quilt quilted on  my new Tiara!!!!!! Drum roll, please....hahaha
This is kind of a funky quilt for me; not my type of color or quilting, but I had a blast with it.
The quilting process couldn't have gone better...and only took about 4-41/2 hours altogether. I did it in quarters.
Sorry this pic is on an angle...the light was so poor on this dull day; I tried to keep the glare off of it.

 close up of the meandering and loopy flower....
and the back....this really has a fine print on it, but hard to see...
I have to say....I was expecting stress quilting this; as I am a hand quilter, but it went so well. There wasn't a glitch with Tiara or tension or fabric. Very satisfying...

Besides these projects...I have my 'For the Boys' piece ready and will be posting it tomorrow.
I will be putting the cross stitch quilt in to hand quilt in a day or two.  Pictures then...
I am just about ready for the 'Black Tie' Hop ...working on a couple of little things with my sewing buddies.
And the Churn Dash; of course...which is done on a monthly bases. 
I am linking up to Monika and Lee     , take a look.
Thanks for reading my having all of you here with me.


  1. You go, girl!! You never cease to amaze me, Marjorie! The finished projects just flow out of you!! And all so lovely!

  2. as usual you have accomplished so much in such a short time, do you ever sleep?

  3. Fabulous quilt...if your pictures don't do it must be absolutely stunning in real life!

  4. Great job on the customer quilt and also on your first large machine quilted quilt , successful week indeed!!

  5. Whoo hoo!!! Great job with Tiara! I love the quilting on the blue too.

  6. Congratulations on a very rich and productive week! :-) Of course, now I have to find the Tiara on line and check it out... ;-)

  7. Fabulous quilts. You are always so productive...amazing:)

  8. Congrats on those fantastic finishes, and so encouraging that the machine did what you wanted it to do!