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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone.....Spring has finally found us here in New Brunswick!!  we had a fantastic sunny weekend got our veggie garden all in now. We even managed a nice drive in my little Solstice on Sunday afternoon.  

Now on to the works in progress: I am past the center of Annette's this point.
see, you can see the corner block at the top left??  that is the far side of the center....

Not doing much sewing this week because of the lovely weather. I have been outside planting and mowing lawns.  But, I did get together yesterday with a group of wonderful ladies to sew for a few hours.  I got this far on a wall hanging.
This is 2 blocks in the piece, and my youngest grandson asked for a picture of him and his Dad on at, I did that today.
cute story...I did this for my son(his father) when his oldest son was born.....put their pic on a shirt for my son.   Ben ...this little guy here...saw it and asked if Grammy would make  one with him and his Dad. He turns 7 this babies anymore!!!

well, if I can stay caught up with yard work....LOL, I hope to get my .churn .dash pin basted to quilt on Tiara soon. I have the summer booked for hand quilting too. 


  1. It's always tough to get any sewing done when there are outside chores calling your name. I love the idea of the picture shirt. So cute!

  2. well I am so glad that your horrible winter has finally seen fit to leave you be! Enjoy the sunshine, and get a little stitching in when you can!

  3. How sweet is your grandson! Nice to see that not all kids are too cool for their parents. ;)

    It seems like everyone is gardening instead of sewing these days. But you've got a bit done anyway!

  4. That is so great to have your garden in! I have my little plants started, but haven’t moved them outdoors yet. I will be doing that this weekend. Sounds like you have another full summer planned, Marjorie!

  5. Our late spring is quickly turning into summer. So nice to be able to get outside in the yard. Your projects are looking wonderful, as usual. The t-shirt is very cute ... :)

  6. here everything is growing rapidly too, especially the weeds and the privet hedges which I hate having to cut. You have not done much stitching but what you have done looks very nice and how lovely to have the photo on your grandson`s tee shirt

  7. cute story ...maybe they will both wear their photo t shirts and check out how they have both changed over those 7 years.
    The quilt is lookin' good
    in stitches

  8. Annette's quilt is moving right along . Great idea with the tee shirts .

  9. Yes weather can be a quilt buzz kill. But I say catch the weather while you can!!! Looking forward to seeing Annette's quilt and love the shirt.

  10. Cute idea for tee's! Summer has arrived and the grass is gaining!!!

  11. Its great to be in the garden again, we too, in BC North are in springtime!! Yeh!