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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well,we have arrived at mid week again....and here, near Moncton, NB, it has been a very sad week.
A situation that we don't hear about around us a rule.  But on with happier things...WIPs

this week I finished hand quilting Annetes quilt. ..  Putting the binding on now. I won't post a picture until Annete has it home though, but it is this one here...
Isn't this gorgeous?????
I have a few more blocks pieced for my wall hanging I started last week.
Now the pictures aren't great...bear with me...LOL

That is a house below the big star...and a light house below the house...difficult to get back far enough in the sewing room.  Soon you'll see it together 

And I have a request for a hunting type baby quilt....believe it or not...LOL
this is one side of it on the Tiara table waiting to be quilted...maybe tomorrow.
the other side is  I hope the baby isn't

In a day or two I will put this one in the frames to hand quilt...

So, that is it for me this time around folks. linking up to Monika at And


  1. Annette's quilt is beautiful and you have been busy making blocks . I have to say that is an odd baby quilt but if that is what they want they must love it ;-)

  2. Marjorie -- thoughts and prayers for your community - such a sad event. Thanks for sharing your quilts with us -- they are all just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing that baby hunting blanket come about. Hugs, Karen

  3. not sure what you are referring to but sorry to read there have been sad times near you.
    You have certainly been very busy, the wall hanging is looking so fill of interest, so much to see or maybe sea. Unusual a hunting quilt for a baby, makes a change form the usual style and I suppose it will grow with the child

  4. I'm afraid I haven't kept up with the news the last couple of weeks - some family emergency type stuff going on - but it seems to me the world might have gone a bit crazy. You have lots of work going on and that often gives us peace. blessings, marlene

  5. Annette's quilt is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it quilted.

    That is an interesting theme for a baby quilt.

  6. Annette's quilt is just beautiful! Your wall quilt is also shaping up nicely--great projects!

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