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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Ok...I know it is only Tuesday evening...LOL.  The wind has been blowing like crazy here all day!!  But a good thing it did because I mowed lawns for 3 hours this morning. It would have been waaaaay too hot other wise.   So, on to works in progress ......first up is the picture of Annette's quilt because I have been patiently waiting its arrival which was today!!!!!

This was lovely to hand quilt...Annette did a great job piecing this.
Annette over at will be posting pictures in a day or watch for those. I find you don't get close ups with ones done with my ipad.  

Next up is the Poppy quilt...still working on it, but will be finished in a couple of days.

This pic shows the center of the quilt....

This one shows how much is left to quilt. I have loved making this one!!!

The wall hanging from last week is pin basted and ready to quilt on Tiara...just to get to it.
I am picking 2 more quilts up tomorrow to hand quilt, plus one of my friends has one for me to quilt, and I have one waiting in the sewing room for after that.  Those are all to be hand quilted. I also have 2 queen size quilts of my own waiting to be machine quilted, plus a few projects to start....more on those a little later.
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  1. Annette's quilt is gorgeous and your quilting has really given it life . Not much left on the poppy quilt but sounds like your fingers don't rest for long ;-)

  2. I STILL LOVE Annette's quilt! You are definitely keeping busy.

  3. certainly you have plenty to quilt here, and all delightful

  4. thank you once again Marjorie, for turning my quilt top into a beautiful quilt..
    It sounds like you will be in stitches for a long time.
    in stitches

  5. I truly admire hand quilters who actually get quilts finished! These quilts are beautifully quilted and their owners must be very pleased with the end result.

  6. Wow, your to do list should keep you busy into next week anyways! Love your projects! Annette's quilt is beautiful! Love the soft colours.

  7. The quilting shows up so nice on this one. It is lovely.