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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Good morning is a dull one here, while we await more snow. Well, I am still wearing the foot cast for awhile yet...not healing well, but we will get there.  Meanwhile, I am getting lots of quilting done!
I told you I had started this quilt a couple of weeks is ready to go now. Lots of little appliqu├ęd bits.
They are hoping to get here today before the snow.  And I am making two throw size quilts for a lady from clothing...a memory quilt. Here is one finished...the other is on Lily.
They are pretty much the same.  I now have this one in being hand quilted for a friend.
This is probably the last one to be hand quilted until after New
I have a few t shirt quilts to get started, and three or four more large quilts to hand quilted.  Plus, I have six or eight of my own to quilt.  I am piecing my 100 Club quilt...I do this every year with our fabric shop in the area. 
Well, I think  that's about it for today folks...enjoy your week.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


   Hi folks....things are moving along with the broken foot, as I can now walk with the cast...X-ray tomorrow!  Quilt wise, I am very busy machine and hand quilting...and
This first one is hand quilted, and was picked up yesterday.
And this one needs two more borders to be hand quilted for the same customer.
And.......this next one is on Lily as we speak...2/3 finished.  I can't stand long enough st one time to do all of it at once, but soon.
It is so cute!! time...take care

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Good morning is a chilly one here this morning.  Well, I have Bella all hand quilted and bound...ready to ship.  This quilt is an order along with the Giant Dahlia I showed earlier.  Will have to see how our mail strike goes before mailing though..they are talking!  Lol

Here is Giant Dahlia again 
And, Bella...
Now, I have another one in the hand quilting frames, and will start piecing a cat throw for Lily(Coronet).
I am now putting my full weight on my broken foot with aircast on, which helps so much.
It's amazing, the things we take for granted, til they are gone.  But, on the mend! Have a great weekend...coming right up.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Change In Plans

Good morning folks...on my second cup of tea here at 8:00am.  I didn't finish the season off as planned, but it is what it is, I tripped on Sunday evening and broke my foot, so, I am out of commission for a lot of my routine chores.  It really throws one when things change so drastically all of a sudden.  I'm in no pain, which is wonderful! Just learning new ways to do
This is my right foot for hard to say how long now.  And I am in a wheel chair to get around, borrowed from a wonderful friend.  I would have been lost without her this week. Things will come together though, and I will work on quilting as much as I can.
It is so nice to have people who can help like this, as wheel chairs and things aren't always available when you need them.
Well, have a great day, and enjoy....I am getting better at this every

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Giant Dahlia

I finished hand quilting this custom order to bind and load the next order for this lady.

The next one is totally later when finished.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Blue Hawaii

Can you believe it?? Elvis was at my house this past week!!!  
I machine quilted this quilt for a friend...was fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Welcome to My House

Good morning is my day to show my little project for this hop. I love these blog hops, don't you all?  Thanking Carol, again, from Just Let Me Quilt for the hard work in organizing these for us.
I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece..even though it is  It is not your regular house, but it is a house. So, here we go....
This piece is a table runner, with fusible applique, and a little machine quilting to finish it off.

Again...since outdoor changed the true colour.
I machine quilted little stars everywhere to go with the stars in the background Fabrics. Thank you for visiting, please visit everyone on the list below.

Not sure why my list didn't come through, so, please go to Just Let Me Quilt for the sorry.