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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hey folks...keeping in touch with fellow quilters...linking up to  Last week I showed you this flimsy I had put together.
Loving it!! And this one I am almost finished hand quilting.
This week, I pieced this baby quilt to be hand quilted...
I also have a customer quilt identical to the blue one above, but smaller to hand quilt. And, I am piecing a second quilt for the same lady.  I will take pics another time for you.
I am very busy right now with, my talented husband has stepped up to help me. Here is one he just finished piecing, and is at another!
Well, folks...have a fantastic week, I have one on the Coronet being quilted Sorry, almost forgot!! Super weather today...had a very nice walk after lunch.  See you next week.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Here we are another week gone by....but nicer weather!  I am staying busy with my quilting, but wanting to get out in this lovely sunshine.  Soon.....there will be lots to do outside, can't wait!

Yesterday was our sewing day get together....had a blast. We have some fun ladies to chat and laugh with.  I got some work done on my 100 club quilt, and finished the top today.  Now it goes in a pile waiting to be hand quilted.

And in the frames being hand quilted now is this older 4 patch...

I have another one of these in a different colour that I plan on loading on Lily any day now. Then I can move from room to room if

Monday, February 13, 2017

Updates....and snow!!

SWe are in the middle of a snow blizzard...about 40 cm. of snow down and still storming. But, what a great sew day!!!!!  I mentioned the quilt I was hand quilting for a customer....
Finished it today.  I'm waiting a few days before putting another in to hand quilt. I have a few to piece right now. I did finish piecing the one I showed you the fabric for, though...
That is the fabric.....this is the quilt.
Not the best pic...not enough room in there to stand back. Tonight, I am binding this one...
Well, have a great evening...

We made it through!!!   Was quite the storm, but over all things are good.  Lots of drifting snow around driveway and yard, but practically nothing on walkways...blew through.  Looks like the tractor will handle it!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Moving Along

Yesterday, I took the second quilt off of the new Coronet...loving it!  This is a mid size quilt( 70x90), roughly.  I did a funky, freehand flower all over quilting pattern, which went very well. I am getting quite comfy with this machine now.

This is on the bed...spread out, but poor lighting.
This is over a chair with a peek at the back.  I am very happy with this quilt. Now, I am focusing on the customer quilt that I am hand quilting...and piecing new ones. I have one started and three new orders in. Hubby has been reacquainted to the sewing room!!!!

In a day or tow, I will show more pics of what is taking

Thursday, February 2, 2017

In The Groove...

Hey everyone!  It has been one of those know, very busy, but feeling accomplishment.  Last night, I finished hand quilting the "Snow Geese" quilt, and I just love it. This one is 90x100 inches.
It is quite densely hand quilted...I love the modern look of it.  This morning, I put this customer quilt in the frames to hand quilt, and have the first border done.

This measures about 80x90 inches.  I cut all the fabric for a new quilt I am starting...picture later on, and am getting ready to pin baste one for Lily tomorrow.
It may seem like I'm rushing here, and I, because I have orders coming in, and I need to get quilts ahead for summer. So; I am on the move here!!

Please stick around...there will be much more to show before long. I just might have a giveaway before too long also!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone...stay safe.