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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Linking to folks, back again this week...yay!
Having my breakfast and tea waiting for the fog to lift so I can get out in the garden for a bit.  I have things pretty well caught up though.
This week's WIPs are as follows....
Ok, I finished piecing the Irish Mist...last week it looked more like this
And now...
You realize, the breeze stopped as soon as I took the quilt top down!   Lol. But, I love this quilt, and am anxious to quilt it.  This next one is still being hand quilted but near the end now.
There is one more row of blocks and borders left.
The Giant Dahlia is ready to be appliqu├ęd to the background too.
This is almost identical to one I sold this summer.  I am working on a piece for the blog hop in Sept....ssssshhhhh.
I have one more to piece that is with the Dahlia order, which will be in grays and purples.  Will show you once I get started. I am going to try to get one ready for Lily today...if possible.
Now, besides this, here is what I've been up to..

And sitting out enjoying the high tide from my back yard. That's it til next time folks...have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Hi folks, I am linking up,with Monika at
This week I have finished hand quilting this very pretty quilt that belongs to a friend.
It is being followed by this in my frames being hand quilted.
Not a lot quilted yet, I made these this morning...14 jars of mustard pickles.
And picked peas this afternoon...but will get to it soon.
I have borders to add to this one...
And I have started this order...Giant Dahlia
I've had a few quilts dropped off this week to be hand and machine quilted. So, going to be busy and loving it!  Enjoy your week...nice to be back.