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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Beautiful Monday

Well it is noon now, but hey!!  So very nice to have spring weather finally...yesterday was like summer; and today isn't much different. I have spent the morning cleaning and painting. Getting ready for tourist season here...and displaying my quilts.  After lunch, I am outside raking leaves out of the flower gardens....and tidying things up a little.

Here are a few pictures I took earlier this morning....

 A few flowers...lovely to see!!!!
 Not sure you can see the goldfish in the pond...there  are swarms of them
 My view of the marsh from the backyard
Next us the table topper that I did on my new longarm Tiara

 View of the back...
 The Roundabout finished except to bind...I would not quilt this in mono filament worked great, but you can't see the quilting.
 It gives a bit of a sheen on the black, but that is
 And the back... black; it goes with the runner, but not something I'd use much.
 The 3 blocks for 'About that Quilt' QAYQAL
Well; lunch time, then outside to get some work done and take in the sunshine.

Almost forgot; thank you to a few ladies who are sending out wins this week. I won a nice book, curved pins, and an EQ cd.  thanks gals. I'll take pics when I receive them....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

  This is also my New FO post; linking up to Barb...take a look!!

The weeks go by way too fast!!!! I missed last weeks post because I was really busy but was between so many things that I had already shown you; so I waited.

Let me think; I finished the quilt I was hand quilting 2 weeks ago.
Now the back:

I have another one just about quilted right is a gift for graduation. A memory quilt.
I will take pics when I finish; so next week.

I am piecing another memory quilt while quilting that one...a gift also. So; these are coming up.

I finished piecing the 'Garden Fence'...sorry; I will have to take a new picture of this for you. I added a white and ginger colored border to the outside of this.

I am working on the 'Texas Teardrop' is so pretty; I just love the colors of it.
I am almost finished appliqueing them now with a fagoting stitch recommended by sewing buddy, Connie from Shepody Mountain Crafter.

I am ready to quilt the 3rd block for the 'About A Quilt' QAL

I should be completely finished my 'NY Roundabout' but not is still stuck on the machine....I started quilting this one on my domestic machine; so I don't want to change that.  It'll be done any day though. I'm quilting it with mono filament on top; so you really can't see much.

I have one commissioned quilt in my sewing room waiting to be hand quilted. It is a floral applique.
I have another large quilt to pick up any day to hand quilt also...busy busy.
I also have the 'fishing lodge' theme quilt to start. I have to get moving with this one.  Once I get the graduation gifts out of the way.  I have to make sure they are done in time. Then I can concentrate on the rest. I am also ready for the 'Birds' blog hop, and joined the 'May Flowers' hop.

I have a large table topper on Tiara...getting me used to her feel....

Now a close up: is just after 9pm on Tuesday night as I get this post ready for morning. I am really tired as I painted walls most of the day today.  I am getting my sun porch ready to display my quilts for the summer.  I hate painting!!!  

Well folks; you know the  I am linking up to Monika and Lee .

Friday, April 19, 2013

Update on Texas Teardrops

Yesterday I spent some time fusing the teardrops on to the white background blocks....This should make a very nice quilt. I am pleased as can be with it.

This is a QA I am doing with Vicki of The Quilting Lodge...I loved this as soon as she posted it way back there.

Now to applique these on ....there are 24 blocks like these one. Enjoy your weekend folks!!

My Baby is Home!!!!!

Hi folks....remember this from last week?

Well she arrived at my house this dealer delivered and set her up in no time. This is such and easy machine to set up; took maybe a half hour. Now I get to play all afternoon!!!!! It may take a a little time to get used to the feel of her after working with just my sewing machines but she is smooth, quiet, and I think I'm in love!!!! lol

If I go missing; you know where I am...right????  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

And the Winner Is!!!!!!

It was another wonderful blog hop brought to an to tell you who the winner is.

Randomly drawn:  Crickets Corner......for some weird reason; the copy of random generator wouldn't keep the numbers when I pasted it. sorry.

I will send an email ....if you don't get one; please send me your info.....
Thank you to Madame Samm....and Erin for organizing this hop; and to all the folks who particiapted in one way or another.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Showers are Everywhere!!!!

Well; I had this post saved for a few days now; went in to finish things up before publishing it....what happened??  Your guess is as good as mine.  lol.  I hit something and the whole thing was gone!!
So; here I am trying to remember with this old brain what I had written...darn!!!

I want to first of all thank Madame Samm and Erin for their hard work organizing things for us. They are fantastic gals!! Thank you...

Now; I made a set of 4 mug rugs by finding pictures on line and printing them up on fabric sheets. This is a quick and easy way to do pictures.

A close up:
We have the fiddlehead...I love these little greens all cooked up with butter and vinegar.
Then the ladies and their umbrellas in the rain.
The little bird singing in the rain.
And some lovely flowers to make us think of late spring.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog hop; and will visit the rest of the folks participating today.
Wednesday, April 17
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If you are still with me; I have a little giveaway for you....just leave a comment to enter. Will draw at the end of the hop. It's just a bit larger than a FQ.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tear Drops......Everywhere!!!

Texas Tear Drops; that is!!!     I took today to get my templates all traced, fused and cut out. There was a lot of cutting, but everything went well. I am really going to love this quilt.
I took a picture, but it is poor lighting in the sewing room this time of day. You aren't going to get the true color, but here is my progress so far.

A close up:

Well; the color isn't too too bad really. I am going to really like it...and if the whole quilt goes as smooth as this part did; I have it made.!! lol.
This QAL is being hosted by Vicki at The Quilting Lodge; great pattern Vicki. Thank you.

You can probably see more pictures on Flickr too.

I forgot to post the 3rd block in Amira's QAL; so here it is now.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Don't you love the mailman!!!....I know I do.

How has the weekend been for everyone? Here; we got a little snow last night and today, but it was a wet snow and is pretty well gone again. I do hope this is the last of it....we need sunshine before I go

I have a few very fortunate wins to show you...and I want to thank the ladies who sent these to me because I really appreciate it and they are all fantastic!! I apologize for not remembering where I won this first piece of fabric...I think it was during 'Nancy Drew' hop, and it is lovely.
Next I received a fantastic win from Lilypad Quilting......
A close up at this beautiful stack of fabric by Noble Wife...There is the stack of fabric, 2 patterns, Aurifil thread, a magnet, measuring tape.

Next is a lovely win from Marjorie the Applique Addict...
Some very nice Batiks.....she must have read my mind with these them.

And from Erin at Sew at home Mummy during the 'Meet My Machine' hop....
These lovely soft colors and a bit of English paper piecing hexies.....

Thank you so much to all of you ladies....I love each parcel....thank you.

Now this is what was on our dam tonight waiting for my goldfish to surface....
Shoot!! you can't see him well...a nice crane with the lovely long feathers around his neck....

I have had a wonderful weekend folks!! This is what my husband came home on Friday with.
Tulips and chocolate bunnies...but they looked too nice on my runner to open....
And this is what he bought for me .....I can't wait til it arrives and I get to play ..................................

This picture is from the Baby Lock site.....mine in on order and should be in the end of next week.
I hope to have lots of fun learning on this longarm.  

Well; I am off to have a tea and relax a bit......have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Good morning everyone!!  Mid week again and all kinds of work going on.  I will be linking up to Monika and Lee; as usual; so please  join us. You can see all kinds of wonderful projects going on.

Today I am on the last row of blocks in this quilt I started last week for a is a lap size quilt(sampler)......almost finished!!    measures 70x80 inches.
I have the NY Roundabout machine stitched in the ditch; now to do the FMQ on it.
And I have started putting the rows together for the Garden Fence quilt top..
Now; besides these projects, I have my pieces ready for 'April Showers' blog hop which is going on right now!!!  I am ready for 'Birds' blog hop in May. I am working on the 3rd block for the QAYGQAL I am can see more from last weeks posts. I have the fishing lodge theme quilt to start....gathering fabrics right now.  I just picked up an applique quilt(large) to hand quilt for a customer....2 quilts to hand quilt for graduation gifts this year from customers.  Busy, busy all the time. I probably left something out, but you get the idea....right???? lol