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Thursday, April 23, 2015

FMQ Challenge/ April

I take part in this challenge because I enjoy seeing how things turn out. Now, I don't put as much into it as most participants do,because I am so very busy with customer quilts. But I am working at it when I can, and it gives me inspiration.

for hosting this again. This link is where you can see all of the pillows.  Our instructor this month is Christina Cameli, and boy does she do fantastic quilting!  We were given 4 options..I chose the 4 th one, which is a tutorial on Christina's  peas in a pod.  It was quick and fun to quilt for me.

It is great also, to see what everyone else decides to do.  They surprise me every month!
So, here is my pillow from Christina's tutorial.

I like the fresh, modern look to this one.  Thank you to Christina and Quiltshopgal!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Yay!!!! Made it for another this time of year. We are getting rain instead of
This week I am linking up to Monika over at and Lee over at

My works in progress consist of:  Rose's quilt is finished, all hand quilted and ready to go!
This is a kit from Connecting Threads...
Another angle, and the border isn't that dark..just the lighting, border is the same as the blue center squares.

Here is the one In the frames being hand quilted now...
More blocks...
This is the same sampler as this one you saw a few weeks ago...but larger,  20 blocks instead of 12. 

I have done some more work on the t shirt quilt too...have all 7 rows put together. Here are a few of them.
These are the 4 bottom rows of the quilt...the other 3 are hanging from the other quilt
Next, I'll put the sashing strips between the rows, then add the border and ready to quilt.

I have to do my next FMQ Challenge sometime this week, will be planning my Bargello Dahlia this week too.
I have 4 customer quilts to hand quilt when I finish the one at the top of this post. I also have 3 of my own to quilt, probably on Tiara though...but you never know. They could get hand quilted!!!!

I also got my sun porch all cleaned up and have my quilts displayed again for tourist season. This is how I use my sun porch...great area to hang quilts!!!!

So, that is it for me this week...don't think I forgot anything. Have a great week folks!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone!!!  I am very happy to say that the weather is much more spring like lately. Still a lot of snow to melt, but lots gone too.  Now, for my woks in progress this week.

I have one border left to hand quilt on this beauty ...
I planned on finishing a couple of days ago, but didn't happen. Things get in the way once in a while,
I finished quilting this one on the Tiara this morning...
Close up...
Now to bind this one..
I have the t shirt quilt started....all fused and ready to cut the sashing strips.
This is going to be a king size quilt.
Next Monday is sewing day for about 10 of us at the and laughs!!  This is the pattern and fabric I'll be working on that day.
A DoNut/4patch quilt...lap size.the white is background, with the stack of charms. Then a narrow red border, then the outside polka dot border.
In a couple of days, I will have the next queen size quilt in to hand quilt, and I still have to do my pillow for the FMQ Challenge for April.

Well, I think that is it or me this week. Make sure to check out the rest of the blogs over here.... with Monika, and Lee at

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday

It is Tuesday evening, and I am feeling beat...has been a very tiresome, busy week.  I am linking up to Monika from
Last week I finished hand quilting this sampler...lap size

I have this one in the frames...just past the halfway mark now.
Close up....
This is a kit from Connecting Threads and was pieced by my friend, Rose.

I have this throw size quilt of mine on the Tiara...just getting started with it.

I have 5 quilts waiting to be hand quilted for customers, 1 box of t shirts and fabric waiting to be turned into a t shirt quilt...king size for a customer. And a couple of more large quilts of my own to quilt. One way or the other!!!  and there should be another quilt arriving any day to be hand quilted.  And a husband on crutches!!!!!  Lol

Connie, Marla and myself are about to start this Bargello Dahlia soon....I won this pattern last year on the blog.

Wish us luck!!!!! Lol. I am anxious for this snow to melt so that I can clean my sun porch area out and get ready for displaying my quilts for tourists this year. I usually have that finished by now!!!  Been a long winter, and it started late!!!!!   Lol
On the 20 th of this month, we get together with about 10 friends to sew.  So, I have to get the fabric cut ahead of time for this pattern.  Then I'll be able to sew all day!!!!!
Well, I think I have run down for tonight...have a good week everyone


we have our winner of the Speed-Sew!!!    #5.....randomly drawn

  1. Very interesting. I actually have a project right now that would be perfect with a good fabric glue. Have not heard about this glue before and would like to give it a try. Thanks for sharing insights and this opportunity.

    Congratulations !!!!!!