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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fresh Off of Lily

Finally.....this quilt that my husband pieced for me is quilted!  I started it over a week ago on Lily, then got busy with lawns and gardening.  But ,yesterday I stayed at it until I took it of the frame.
Different look...
It went really well, and once I get work done outside....maybe I'll bind this one and this next one.
Gardening and lawns would be much easier if we could see something besides rain was a few days!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Yay......took it out of the frames this morning, quilting was finished last night.  Love this quilt, and just need to bind it now in navy.  Clean up a bit and get the next in....maybe a couple of days!!!!   Lol

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Progress on WIPs

Not linking up this morning....just an update.
I can see the end of my 100 club quilt!!!!  It has been in the frames for just over two weeks, and going very well.
This is the border where I started....and here it is now.  No, I didn't just turn it a few days left on this one!!!
I have this one on Lily...not much to see because of lighting in this room. I have a 4 foot led light above the machine, which glares on the camera.
This is partial blocks...using rulers on this one for the ditch.  And next is the border pattern...everything is freehand and ruler work.
I'm a bit slow with this one because I have outdoor chores now, and going through summer clothes.
Plus...I am binding a few quilts that needed finished.
Lots to do folks...just to get to all of it.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WIP Wednesday

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Here we are again people....I've been busy, but doesn't seem like I have much new to show you.

I am moving ahead with this one being hand quilted...
Slow, I did absolutely nothing over the weekend, except run the roads!
I have this order almost pieced...two more borders to add.  Now it is hanging over the ironing board; so you can't see all of it.
I'll be adding a white and then a darker green border yet.
I pin basted this one for the Coronet this one day soon I'll start quilting it.
It is still raining here too...seems to go on forever!  I have lots more to work on, but, one at a time, eh!
I want to get some binding done this week, I have my mail slot quilt to bind, and a few small items.  Need to get them in my shop.

That's it folks...for now anyway. Have a wonderful week.....Ohhh, I forgot!!   Our sewing group is working on a project together.  Five of us are each making a Giant Dahlia quilt...we have our centres finished as of yesterday.  Here they are...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday

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Hi is raining here again, been a wet few days, and not much sun in the near future. But, the grass is green and growing!!!!  I am busy at getting quilts moving you know.  If you haven't seen my last post, here is an update....
On Sunday, I finished hand quilting this customer quilt...queen size
I finished machine quiiting this one for my shop on Lily(my Coronet)...
I bound two large quilts for a lady last pics I just did the bindings for her.
I have this one for my shop in being hand quilted now...
I love this quilt...can't wait to see it quilted!!!!  And I am working on sashings for an order...
The sashings will bring these star blocks together.  I am going to pin baste a customer quilt this week to load on Lily again.  Having lots of fun with this new machine, and learning lots!
I have lots more quilts piled and waiting to be quilted one way or another.   Before we know it, gardening will be cutting into my quilting time!!!!!  Lol

Have a wonderful week...