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Sunday, September 28, 2014

World Wide Blog Tour

Hi folks.....I am sure you have seen this blog tour going on lately. It is a great way to get acquainted with our fellow bloggers all over the world.  I was tagged by Chris....
I first met Chris through The Needle and Thread Network, where Canadian bloggers get together for there WIPs once a week. Chris lives in I've never been there, but seeing it is part of our beautiful Canada....has to be gorgeous!!!

I'll try to stick closely to the guidelines we were given...LOL.  

What I am working on:  Well, what am I not working on???? I have a Dresden Plate customer quilt in the frames that I am hand quilting now.  I have several quilts to machine quilt on my Tiara...working on them.  I am making a dust cover for my Tiara with my friend Connie, and started piecing another quilt top.  That is a few things I am working on right now.  This is the Dresden Plate quilt...

What makes my creativity different from others:  I don't think I am different, except I hand quilt more than machine quilt...does that mean I'm just old???   Lol, nah!!  I believe anyone who quilts in any way, is just a creative soul who has found their way to express their love for it.

Why do I create?: Well, quilting is the only thing I have found that I can't get enough of. I literally take one quilt out of the frame, and put another one in!!!!  it simply soothes my soul and I have learned so much since starting to blog. This is very are never old to learn!!!!

How do I create?:  I'm not a designer by any means, like some of our fellow friends. I usually see something I like and put it together, in my own way.  Ask my friend Marla...I eye ball it!!!  Right Marla????

How about a few pictures of my work????

this QAYGQAL quilt...machine quilted on domestic machine.

This Remebrance Poppy quilt...a custom order. Hand quilted..

this little quilt was a gift for our RCMP....Machine quilted on Tiara.

This was a custom order of the Bluenose...hand quilted.

Something I spend a lot of my summer doing is gardening...



I hand quilt pretty well very day.  Most of the time is spent on customer quilt tops...they piece them and I quilt them. I do hand quilt some of my own....machine quilt most of them lately because I am busy with customer quilts and love it!!

Here are a couple of quilts I've done for others.

This gorgeous quilt was pieced by Annette over at In Stitches and Seams , and I quilted it.

This one was pieced and appliqued by a lady from Western Canada, who lives here in N.B. during the summer months.  I've done a few for her...all gorgeous too.   

This quilt was pieced by a lady I've never even met...she had a friend bring it to me to hand quilt for her.

So, now you know me a little better, I hope. Ask me anything and I will try to answer it for you.
I hope I didn't ramble and bore you too much.  Before I leave, I want to tell you just where it is I live. I am 2 miles south of the world famous Hopewell Rocks Park...known for the largest flower pots in the world and high tides.  Please look it up if you haven't seen this is something else. And if you get a chance....check out my website for more of my work: Shepodys Quilter.
Thanks for listening to me.

I am tagging Brittany from Pickles Quilting...she lives in Arizona, US...if I got that right.
She is fairly new to quilting and only been blogging for about 1 year.  It would be so nice of you to visit Brittany and welcome her to our world.  She has some interesting works going on.


Connie from Shepody Mountain Crafter...who is one of my neighbours and sewing friends.
I have known her forever!!!  She hasn't been blogging for very long, but has been sewing for years. Now I am not telling her age!!!!  lol.  Connie can make just about anything, and we get together as often as we can with friends to sew and quilt. Quilting is a fairly new thing to Connie, but she is quilting up a storm right now!  Take some time to visit her blog and see all the lovely projects on the go there.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Oh wow, what a busy day today!!  Started digging my potatoes for winter....I have aches where I didn't know I still had muscles...LOL

So, on with works in progress....I finished this one:

I like the fall the back 
this one is in the frames, and got a little start on it...

Close up of hand quilting
I know the pics are small from my iPad, but it is convenient to take the pics and send them right here.

I have a dust cover started for my Tiara...this is the fabric all quilted and ready to put together.

I have another quilt on the Tiara and ready to go....I pin basted it today. you know the ones I can't show yet...grrrr.   Soon folks!!!

I have blocks cut out for a quilt, but nothing really to show yet, maybe next week.And my Rush Hour projects were posted today. I really enjoyed these pieces. here they are again.

and the piece I donate to our RCMP detachment

ok folks, I am about ready to retire...dead on my feet tonight....linking up to Monika...take a look at everyone's work. Sleep well.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rush Hour!!!!!

I have to say....I loved this one.    I had more fun with this than any of them, I think!!  Our Madame Samm and Carol picked a real winner. Big thank you going out to them for their hard work.  My first piece shows what I think of when hearing 'rush hour'.

Another view....


This can be used as a table topper, but is meant to be a wall hanging.  Five o'clock is heavy traffic time in the city....everyone is getting off work, and in a rush to get home after a long day.  

I appliquéd the clock face on the background, and did the same with the letters, clock hands and little mice. I couldn't resist the Hickory Dickory effect...LOL. The numbers are done with fabric pen.

I have a second piece to share with you too.  Now this one means a lot to me, but it is a different take on 'rush hour'. As some of you know, we had an episode in our city on June 4 th that shocked all of us. A young man went on a shooting spree and killed 3 young RCMP officers, and wounded 2 more.
There were a number of hours where police from here and other areas searched for this man. The community was a huge help by co operating with police unti he was brought in.

This was a serious number of 'rush hours'.  This piece is something I made and donated to our detachment of RCMP which was directly involved in this. I delivered it to the detachment and was met with such thankfulness...I was amazed.

I found it such a coincidence that this line came out just at that time.  I was going to write the names of the fallen officers in the center, but decided to leave that up to the detachment.

I wish I had thought to take more pics of this one before giving it to them, but I didn't.

well, I hope you enjoyed my projects for this blog hop. thank you for visiting.  Now take a look at the rest of the people on today's list. Now.....look below the list of blogs for your

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2 fat quarters for one lucky person....just leave a comment and have a fun day!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am not among the missing...really. just not doing much that I can actually show you, Christmas, you know...LOL

So,  I am a day or two away from finishing this quilt by hand...

I just turned it after taking this picture....I can now see the outer edge...yay!!!!

a close up for you...
Hope you can see well enough....posting from my iPad, and the pics post a bit differently from the laptop.

I have started the machine quilting on one of my quilts that I can't show...will be so glad when I can post those. I have two more customer quilts waiting for hand quilting, then I will be completely caught up!!!
My projects are ready for Rush Hour blog hop starting on the 23 rd of this month. I am anxious to show you those!!!!

The end of the month, our sewing group will get together to start our  100 club quilt.  so fun to get back   together with the ladies.  That's about it on the sewing front here, for now.

On the 30 th, our community group gets together to make over 700 do- nuts for our annual turkey supper on Oct 4 th.  that is one very busy week, but also lots of laughs when we all get together.

Thanks for visiting my little blog today...have a good one!

Monday, September 8, 2014

RBD Gingham/See You in September...Sept 9 th

We have arrived!!  who would think we have gone through our summer already??  I know I was and still am very busy with our garden...most is in and pickled or frozen, but still lots to do.


For this blog hop I made 3 gingham pieces and will show you a few things I made during the summer.

I machine quilted this one...for a friend's grandson.

Hand quilted this one..

Just finished hand quilting this one...
I have also pieced a few quilt tops, but can't show those yet...sorry.

Now on to our gingham, I love RBD's rainbow colors, but I only had an orange.  So, here we go...

I made this little ruffled bag with the orange gingham, and added a bright fabric to the ruffle and lining to set it off.
it has a neat little shoulder strap.

Next I put together a little table runner. I machine quilted echos around the appliquéd flowers
And quilted e and L s around the border.
last, but not least.....
this table topper....or a sweet little picnic quilt!
won't be seeing these flowers much longer.....sad.
Just thought..shoot, I didn't show you the backs of these. the runner back is the floral fabric in the bag lining and the topper back is the orange gingham.    I had fun with these, and I really love this little picnic quilt.

Thanks for check out the rest of the list, please, and enjoy your day.

A special thanks goes out to our Madame Samm and Shari for organizing and hosting this blog hop. cheer everyone on now!!!!! Love RBD too, don't we!!!!!!

Today's schedule:                         Tuesday, September 9    
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am not among the missing, just a very busy outdoor summer!!! I am just about finished this quilt though...seems like months but only been a few weeks hand quilting this one.
I am doing a lot of sewing...just can't show it because of spoiling the surprises.  One of these days though. I am ready for the RBD Gingham blog hop starting tomorrow. My day is the 9 th. Also ready for the Rush Hour blog hop the end of the month.

I,ve got 3 other quilts waiting to be hand quilted and a load of them to be machine quilted.  I picked up the first months kit for our groups AL...100 Club.  this year is a very basic HST quilt in Bella the colors. will show you once we get started on it.