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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am not among the missing...really. just not doing much that I can actually show you, Christmas, you know...LOL

So,  I am a day or two away from finishing this quilt by hand...

I just turned it after taking this picture....I can now see the outer edge...yay!!!!

a close up for you...
Hope you can see well enough....posting from my iPad, and the pics post a bit differently from the laptop.

I have started the machine quilting on one of my quilts that I can't show...will be so glad when I can post those. I have two more customer quilts waiting for hand quilting, then I will be completely caught up!!!
My projects are ready for Rush Hour blog hop starting on the 23 rd of this month. I am anxious to show you those!!!!

The end of the month, our sewing group will get together to start our  100 club quilt.  so fun to get back   together with the ladies.  That's about it on the sewing front here, for now.

On the 30 th, our community group gets together to make over 700 do- nuts for our annual turkey supper on Oct 4 th.  that is one very busy week, but also lots of laughs when we all get together.

Thanks for visiting my little blog today...have a good one!


  1. This time of year it seam to be hard to get at what we enjoy ........ sew much to do outside while the sun shines. Great fall quilt that you are working on.
    in stitches

    1. good morning Annette , thanks for visiting. yes, summer is flying by

  2. love these autumn leaves. I have started hand quilting lots of butterflies on a quilt but oh dear I am new to this and my fingers are so sore, of course my stitches vary in size too any tips for me please.
    700 do nuts that is a lot! know don`t eat too many yourself sounds like a lovely time will be hard for the turkey supper

  3. Your quilt is a stunner and your hand quilting is so beautifully done! Congrats on being so close to the finish line!!

  4. You have been busy but it sounds like everything is coming along well.

  5. It's just a gorgeous quilt, perfect for celebrating autumn's beautiful colours!

  6. You are a very busy quilter! I'm in awe of your hand quilting! And that you do it professionally too!

    Waiting patiently to see what comes next on your pile of goodies!

  7. That is such a wonderful autumn design. I can't believe you have any sewing time with your big garden.

  8. While it is technically still summer the weather here in Western PA feels like fall so I enjoyed seeing these pretty fall leaves! :)

  9. Lovely quilting on this fall quilt , seems you have an end in sight even if it will only be for a short time ;-0

  10. The fall quilt is very pretty and light at the end of the tunnel! YAY! The 100 club sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing your Rush Hour project. I'm working on finishing mine up. Hope to have it on the frame this weekend.

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