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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I made it another week in with lots of work going on. So; getting right to it.

Works In Progress: Hand quilting this bed size quilt for a customer...the colors are much deeper that they look here. 

I finished another Road Trip QAL block..New Jersey

A finished block for the About a Quilt QAYGQAL.....
I am ready for the Ho Ho Ho blog hop.....starting Today!!!!! Here's todays schedule

                                                                 July 31

Working on projects for the hexie and pin cushion blog hops
I am piecing a Swoon block #7 for the Swoon finished..

2 quilt tops waiting to be hand quilted....oh; and I machine quilted a baby quilt on Tiara this week.
No pics yet...but did manage to get a little practice in.

I am linking up to Monika and Lee; come join us.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Coming Soon!!!!!

Just a few more days folks....and the next blog hop starts. This is going to be so much fun; and hope it will get everyone into the spirit; even though it is still July!! I bet there will be lots of giveaways

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Well; here we are again...I missed last week/ not because I wasn't busy, but I didn't feel there was enough progress and didn't want you bored with the same items.

I am writing this on Tuesday evening and it is raining like crazy here.  We really need it, but ok  Anyway; to my works in progress folks!!

This week I have finished hand quilting this one....I never did get the name of it, but it is pieced with tiny little pieces; similar to a Dear Jane block.

This one took a little longer than most quilts do; but well worth it. Cindy does a great job with her piecing and I enjoy working on her quilts.

I have 'Swoon #5' pieced for the QAL with Sara at Fairy Face Designs...

Also have the 3rd block for the 'Road Trip QAL' with Em at Sewing By Moonlight

Besides these items, I am just about ready for the 'Ho Ho Ho blog hop', you have to wait for those pics though.
I have signed up for the hexie hop and the pin cushion hop; I know!!!!  lol. I can't resist them.
As you probably remember; I have several quilt tops waiting to be hand quilted. 2 for customers and 3 or 4 of my own, plus I have a new one in the frames that I forgot to take a picture sorry.  Maybe next week we'll see that one. It is a customer's quilt and it is stunning!!

I am linking up with Monika and Lee for WIP Wednesday. I am also linking up to Fiber of all Sorts
for the July Finishes Party. Take a look at the goals that have been met this month.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday


It is that time again folks!!!!  We are having a wonderful week weather wise...some rain coming,but that is okay with me; not watering the garden It has been very warm...and I love it!   Well; I do now that the heat wave broke...hahaha..

This week; I am about half way with the hand quilting on this quilt...

I am working on 'Ho Ho Ho' blog pics yet....hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I have 2 blocks and half of the 3rd one done for the 'Swoon' QAL

No pic of the unfinished block...

The first block for the 'Road Trip' QAL is finished.....

I have 3 customer quilts waiting to be hand Texas Teardrops is garden fence is waiting....2 scrappies are still waiting....and my lap size Disappearing 9 patch is waiting....oh heavens!!!!!

I'll get there one day!!!!!!
I am linking up to Lee  and Monika      take a look; lots of great work going on.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Time Flies!!

We always saying how the time flies.....well; today is our 40th wedding anniversary!!  It is hard to believe that much time has gone by.  We spent yesterday at the beach with our sons and their was so much fun with the little ones. Watching them collect their little hermit
Boys will be boys!!!!

Today, Merrill and I are going for a cruise in the convertible; having lunch out and relaxing. 
Hope everyone enjoys their day...stay safe.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday


I hate to say it; but this week's weather is about the same as last tired of rain.  So; let's not talk about

This week's WIPs: I have been quilting steadily on this one....

I have the 5th block for ``About A Quilt`` QAYGQAL ....that is a mouth full`
The block is machine quilted now.

I have 2 blocks made for the ``Swoon` QAL

I am working on my project for "Christmas in July" peeks yet.
I am pulling fabrics for "Roadtrip" QAL....hoping I can manage it this year.
I have to sew the bindings on a crib quilt and "Chimes" table topper....just the hand sewing now.
And there are now 3 quilts waiting to be hand quilted for other customers....mine are still waiting in the sewing day.

Besides all this sewing and quilting....I need to get out in my vegie garden; but it is too wet!!!
Oh well; just more sewing time....right?   lol

I will be linking up to Stacey and Monika ; take a minute and see what everyone has been up to.....thanks for being here.....and have a great day!!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Goals for July

Can't believe we are here already.....where has my time gone?  It is time for me to make my July goals...I am working on so many projects right now that my head spins most of the

So; that said, I am making one goal for July...that is to hopefully finish hand quilting this quilt I just started.  It is very similar to Dear Jane as far as the tiny pieces and the amount of them...lots of quilting to be done.  But it is pieces very very nicely by a friend. I feel if I can manage to finish this by the end of this month; I will be doing just wonderfully.  Fingers are crossed......linking up to   ..enjoy the linky party.

Here's the quilt I am working on for this goal...this is a small section of it.

Canada Day!!!!

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian blogging friends!!!!!  It hasn't rained here yet today...yay!!! I even saw the sun for about 3 minutes right after lunch....there is hope!!   lol

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.