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Friday, January 31, 2014

Don't Let The Door Stop You

It is my day!!!!  We have been having so much fun touring the blogs this past week; haven't we?  I thoroughly am enjoying the She Who Sews hop and now this one.

This is my first time taking part in 2 hops at one time though...nice; I must say.

I made a draught stopper first as I had this fabric for ages and thought I might never uses it...This was the perfect chance.    
Aren't they just the sweetest little kittens ever?????  
A close still really can't tell; but the 2 kittens on the end to the right have little beads around their necks......precious little babies!!                                                                             
Next; I did a door stopper to share. I found him on line and had to have him!!                            

Now I am sure you can see why He's not too big, but he is the most adorable little thing!!!!!

Thank you Madame Samm and Carla for continuing on this course of cheering us along.            
Make sure you visit everyone else, eh....Here is your list:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hello folks!  You know; it seems like I've been sewing steady, but not a lot to show you.
this week I am just about in the middle of the quilt I started last week.
I just turned this which means you can't see much quilting.  I posted my project for "she who sews" on Monday.
I will be posting my next one on Feb 3rd for "Door stopper" hop.    I've started working on this little wall hanging kit with a sewing buddy, Connie.
Wise Owls are so cute!  and besides all the quilts waiting to be hand quilted....I have finished piecing the surprise I talked about last week? This is one I have wanted to make for a few years and just never got to it!  the surprise is for my blogging/sewing was so hard to keep it quiet til now, but I wanted her to see it at this stage.
I made this as a project with Connie from Shepody Mountain Crafter. She has wanted to make this one we have it!

Now; this is not quilt related, but I have to tell you of my grandsons, who is 7 years old was scouted last week to play spring hockey for a new team.  He didn't even have to try out..they have been watching him. He was so thrilled and proud;as we are of him.  whether he plays or not, but he loves it!

I am linking to Monika and Lee


Sunday, January 26, 2014

She Who Sews-4 Sewing Room

I was so anxious to get in on this hop when I saw it announced over at Sew We Quilt.  It seems so long ago now!!  Since this is a new line of fabric, my friend and I had to send away for it. We bought ours from Hancocks; who were so very good at sending things out quickly. 

Huge thank yous go out to Madame Samm and Carla for organizing and cheering this hop. Our sponsors are always a huge and most generous part of this also.

Now my project this time will need some explaining; I'm afraid because it is a bit different. So; here we go. I bought the panel that was out for this line and came up with a type of wall hanging that I could use for my sewing room and include my lady friends that I sew with.  It has each one of their names on a pocket where I can put items for each of them. For example; if they leave something behind; in her pocket it goes and won't get misplaced. Or if I have something for one of is there for next week.

This was a fun piece to do as I got together with one of my sewing buddies as she was making hers.
Connie from Shepody Mountain Crafter who is on the list today. So; let's see this project and maybe you will get the drift.

Each panel is stitched on to a quilted background..with a large opening as a pocket.  The buttons on the outside corners hold their name. The hanging sleeve is a row of paper dolls holding hands...and it is hung with a measuring tape.  The top right hand corner has a message got mail.

And you can see; we have room for a guest or new
There is my pocket up there in the corner....Rose below....
Here you can see Judy on the bike...Connie beside her and we have Marla in the bottom right.

These ladies are getting cold out I was all over the yard taking pictures trying to get the best view of this.
They will hang on the door of my sewing room where the ladies can admire them each time they are in.hahaha!!!       

I think you have the idea...right?? lol.  Please take time to visit everyone on the list today and days ahead. It will be a fun hop for all.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy!!!!!

January 27th


Friday, January 24, 2014

It's My Party!!!! Grow Your Blog

Do you remember that song????  Well; this is our party to get to know each other and find new bloggers.  So, get ready to hop for some fun and giveaways!!!!                                               

Hello to everyone hopping through...I hope you all enjoy this post and the hop in general.
This is a party; so let's have lots of fun and visit everyone on the list.                               

If this is your first time here; my name is Marjorie.  My passion is quilting; hand quilting and I am
getting into machine quilting now too.  Other than my family; there is nothing I enjoy more than
quilting.  I quilt for myself and I quilt for is the only hobby I have found that keeps me

Before I get too involved in my creations; I want to thank Vicki for hosting this hop for us. This is a tremendous job.  Organizing hops this size takes a lot of work and time.   Thank you Vicki!!  You should go to Vicki's link on Jan. 25th for the schedule for this blog hop.                                                 

So; on with my introduction.....I live in New Brunswick, Canada which is where you will find the Hopewell Rocks Park. This is famous for the world's largest natural flower pots. These are magnificent to see in person.  We are famous for high tides which made these flower pots. 

 I am in a rural area...very small...where you know all of your neighbors. That kind of community is hard to beat. I take part in an annual community turkey supper here; serve around 600 in an afternoon...lots of fun. I think that is probably enough geography...right??  lol                                                       
I started quilting over 25 years ago, my mother-in-law taught me. I can't get enough of it; honestly.
Hand quilting relaxes me and I work at it constantly. I bought a Baby Lock Tiara last spring and am learning to machine quilt.  I do a lot of hand quilting for other people also.  But, you know, since I started blogging 3 years ago; I have learned more than the whole 25 earlier years!!! We are never too old.  I owe a lot to my blogging friends and the ladies that I meet once or twice a week with at home.  We have a very fun sewing group and enjoy chatting and having our tea while sewing.
Besides my good friends; I have been married 40 years to a wonderful man...have 3 sons, 4 grandsons and 1 grand daughter....they range from 6 to 15 in age.                                          

Now; I am going to show you a few pictures of my work.  Before I bore you to

The Bluenose
Gone Fishin
This is a Quilt as you Go quilt
Texas Tear Drop
Take Five....this was done with my sewing buddies; we each made one. The first 2 quilts above were hand quilted; the rest done on my machine.                                                                                  
I won't flood you with more get the drift.  lol  If you would like to see more of my quilts, please browse my blog or my website...Shepody's Quilter.  I hope you have enjoyed this.

Now; since this is a party and you have got this far....I have a giveaway for you.  All you have to do is leave a comment. I will ship any where at all....just make sure I can reach you, please.       
2.....1/2yard cuts of these fabrics.  Thank you for visiting; hope you come back. I love my followers; so feel free to join the list on my sidebar.                                                                 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kona Giveaway Winner!!!

We have a winner drawn my random generator.....

.Paula@TheSassyQuilterJanuary 9, 2014 at 5:39 PM
Love the bed runner! It is so very hard to get good pics this time of year, but you did great. Great color selection!

I have sent Paula a message...and I want to thank all of you for participating in this blog hop. It makes for so much fun!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Today I am writing this post on my new iPad; seeing how things works.
The weeks roll around so quickly...a bit scarey.  This week I have the quilt from last week all quilted and ready to bind.....

This is a customer quilt, and I have 2 more like it to hand quilt.  the next one has just been put in the frames.
Now, I am working on another project, but since it is a surprise for a blogging friend....I can't show it yet.
I am still piecing the Double Wedding Ring quilt and waiting for quilt tops tp arrive to be hand quilted.
That's about it for me this week....linking up to The Needle and Thread Network   and now to Cabin Fever over at Lily Pad


Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am Happy to Say!!!!

Mark this date down, please...Jan. 25th.  I am pleased to say that I have been accepted to join the list of bloggers joining "Grow Your Blog" this year.  I was late, but Vicki was so gracious and let me sign up...thank you Vicki!!

For more info on this hop: please read Vicki's post.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Good morning folks!!!! This week I do have a few little things to show you. This is the quilt that I finished last week, but wanted to deliver before showing.
Five of us in our sewing group; we each made one of these quilts. Now this week I have this one in the frames being hand quilted. It is a queen size sampler.
I have 8 customer quilts to hand quilt; and I love working on them.   Besides these quilts; I am getting ready for the 'She Who Sews' Blog hop coming up and the Door Stopper hop.
Here are little peeks at those.

These are so much fun to work on; it is ridiculous!!!!

I did whip up a baby quilt panel on Tiara; and a little wall hanging...these need bindings yet.
 These little things just keep me up on a little practice with Tiara, until I get another large quilt ready.
And last; but not least....this is the Double Wedding Ring I am piecing....
I am just about half way with this one.  Tomorrow night is our sewing get together....maybe I will get a binding on one of those pieces above.  Looking forward to seeing the girls and what they are up to.  I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network and Freshly Pieced Modern.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wake Up To Kona!!!!

You know; I am one of those people who doesn't fully read things. I scan...not a good thing!!  LOL; it gets me into things without realizing just what is asked sometimes. Anyway; when I jumped on board for this hop, I was thinking sure...I want to do this and will just purchase a little bit of the fabric and move  Not!!!

So; my sewing friend found a Canadian shop who carried this line and had good shipping costs.
Pam at Mad About Patchwork was fantastic getting our order out so quickly.
It was the best thing I ever did....ordering Kona Solids!! I love this fabric, folks...color, texture, everything about it is wonderful.  I liked it so much that I put in another large order which I am using as background for the Double Wedding Ring quilt I am making for a customer. The backing is Kona Steel....and I am using Kona Charcoal in another quilt later on this year.  Well; now that you know how I love this; on with the show,eh.

I purchased a nice FQ bundle for this project plus a little cream. I put together a bed runner and cushion cover for this time around....and I just love it. I am saving it for someone special too.

 Here you are only seeing half of the bed runner...not used to using the truck as a
Normally I would use the bench I have outside; but it is buried in snow!!!!!! So; out come the Teddy from the spare room bed and a sheet to cover the hood of the truck.
Here you can see the back side of the bed runner.  These are great fabrics, and I enjoyed working with them.  I used the walking foot to quilt this so I could keep it with clean lines. Now here is a picture of the full length of the runner...
 And; yes, I have a little giveaway for everyone. Just leave a comment below to have a chance for this little foundation piecing pattern. This was given to me, and I have never got around to trying it.
I hope someone will use it; as it is the cutest thing!!

  I hope you enjoyed this post and will visit everyone else on today's list.  Thanks for stopping by.
Last but  not least; a huge thank you to our Madame Samm and Carol....and those fantastic sponsors!!

Here is your list of today's participants:  January 9

WIP Wednesday ....Late///and Linky Friday

Hi everyone....I am purposely late today because my post tells and shows you the quilt I hand quilted for my friend Rose. I finished it last night; but I wanted Rose to see her quilt before I posted it; as she reads our blogs. I thought she should see it in person first. Since she now has her quilt.....

 Another angle...not the best lighting in the room today...sorry about that.
Besides this Kona post is tomorrow, I did quilt a baby quilt on Tiara yesterday and a little wall hanging today, I just didn't take pictures because I wasn't really expecting to post this today.
So next time; more pictures...just wanted you to see 'Take Five'

Linking up to Richard and Tanya.....join some fun!!