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Monday, December 18, 2017

New Project

Well, not having a quilt in to hand quilt til after Christmas, is letting me play in the sewing room.  I am enjoying working on new projects!  This Spiral table runner was very interesting to work on. I even like
In this pic, it isn't completely is now all quilted. I used the pillowcase, no bias binding! I used the walking foot and quilted simple in the ditch to finish it off. On to another project...

I am, though, anxious to get back to hand quilting!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Borders are On!

Good morning has turned cold here, went from raining to freezing just like that!
I have more progress happening...I finished adding borders to Big Ten, and love it.  This qult is different...a lot of pattern going on, but classic blacks and whites!
Now, if I can just get at the quilting!  I have tops piling up here.  After the holidays, I need to quilt!  I quilted this little one yesterday on a last minute order.
And working on piecing my 100 club fence with some of these Fabrics...
That is coming together...Feb. is our last month for picking up fabrics.
Started a piece for Feb too....still can't show you

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

IN Progress

I am putting in the days before Christmas by sewing...imagine!!!  Lol. This is my second one with this fabric...loving them!
Here is the first...I did add a red plaid border to this one.
This is the second one in progress..
Love, love it!!!  Next is outer borders.  I finished machine quilting this friends quilt last week. I wasn't going to post til after Christmas, but the recipient will never be on here.
Too cute, eh!   Have a fun day folks!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Good evening folks...a rainy day here today.  Although it is only Wednesday, I have had full days.  Monday was our group sewing day, which is always a good time. I bound my Birch Tree quilt.
I made it an early day because I wanted to get ready for our Christmas gathering at a friend's home.
Our community group gets together here every year for a potluck supper and gift swap.  It was so much fun..lots of laughter!
Tuesday, I did Monday's, and some wrapping of gifts. Then out to another Christmas gathering...I know!!!  Lol.  Food everywhere!!!  This was our little sewing group having potluck and we did something different after our meal.  We each brought 3 FQS to the party....we played a game called Left, Right and Centre,  the winner of each game won 3 FQs..there were 9 of us, so we played a few games!!!  We laughed til it hurt!!!
Today, I did a little hand quilting, and pin basted a friends quilt to load on Lily tomorrow. Pics after Christmas. I do have a quilt on my design wall...Big Ten is done in bold blacks and whites.
This is only about half of the quilt...large blocks that won't all fit on the wall. It is pieced much like Take Five quilt pattern. I have my months blocks for the 100 Club quilt to piece yet, and tons of quilt tops to be quilted....but after Christmas now.
Well...i think that is about it for me.  Have a wonderful week and safe weekend!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Finished !!

BIrch Trees is now quilted... Waiting for binding.
I really like this quilt. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Good morning folks....linking up to
It has been getting quite chilly here lately, but milder today with rain. Rain gives me headaches...but I'll survive!
Well, works in progress.....there are several, but I have a few pics for you.
Right now, I am hand quilting this hand embroidered piece...
It is a queen size quilt for her grand daughter. And you are looking at it sideways in the frames.
On the design wall is this little throw size quilt.
Have to add a little border yet. And I did finish Marla's Giant in it is.
And a close up of the border...not easy to see it.
It turned out very nice.  I have this one ready for Lily, it's to get at it!!!
I've been Christmas shopping, but hopefully really soon!  Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What I'm Up To

Good morning folks....sunny, but a little chilly here. It was -1C last night, but my sweet little Hibiscus doesn't realize it
Still blooming...only one, but blooming!!!!
As for me...I am still keeping busy with quilts. Right now, I am hand quilting Marla's Giant Dahlia.
I am going to show you a peek at the earlier stage of this...then Marla will show it finished.
This is just as I put it in the frames....I am half way across the quilt now. It is a lovely quilt!!
Besides this, I am machine quilting a few baby pics, had a craft sale over the past weekend, which was fun.  I have several quilts waiting to be hand quilted for customers, and will add borders to my Haley Rose quilt to follow later on.
Now, back to my lemon bread in the   Have a good one...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I haven't posted lately....waiting for this finish.  My Giant Dahlia  is now ready to be bound.
I've made lots of these, but been a few years...enjoyed it again.

A couple of views of it.....  I have so many works in progress, it is beyond crazy...6 or 7 tops of my own to quilt, and at least that many for others, isn't life grand.
Enjoy your week folks!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Peek...

Good morning everyone, is a cloudy Sunday morning here...waiting for much needed rain.  I wanted to let you see how my Giant Dahlia is, here is a pic of it as of this weekend.

I am going up through the center of it now...hand quilting this one, and loving this quilt.
You might remember that five of us are making back in older posts.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Good morning folks...on my way to the garden, so a quick post.  I finished this one this morning for a lady...Christmas gift for her granddaughter. The second quilt is for her too.

The back...
Her other quilt...a throw

No more quilting til next week...our huge community turkey supper is this, I will be on the run after today.  There are turkeys to cook, pies and rolls to make, veggies to peel.  The whole community pitches in for this...even folks outside the community help out by serving meals, doing dishes, etc.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Finish

It seems my posts are getting too far apart lately.  I used to post constantly, but lately. I don't know why, but seems I am rarely here.  I hope to change is a quilt I finished piecing this past week. It is the Carpentar Star....fabric came from Spruce it up Quilt shop in my province. I don't get there near as often as I would like.  This color pallet is not the norm for me, but it is growing on

I hope to make another soon...very quick pattern.  I am also enjoying the end of my garden lately.  I have mixed feelings about that...nice to see the end of the work, but will miss the fresh veggies!!! I have been digging potatoes for a few days...still more to dig.  And picking ripe tomatoes from the vines too.
They are such a treat!  Our Annual community turkey supper is next weekend...ohhhhhhhh, the fun and the work!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend all...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sewing Day

Well, I got together with six lady friends today for a sewing day!!!! Two others stopped by at lunch to visit and see what was going on.  We always have a wonderful time...catch up on summer news, and have a little show and tell.

I took these for show and tell...
And this was my project to finish up today...I had made the blocks back in May...finished the top today.
It is called "Slice-a-Block" by Rob Appell from Missouri Star Co book.  You can see a bit of the border at the top of the border. This measures roughly 70x80 inches.
The coloured blocks are a swirled  marble like I used in my snow
Good day all around!!!!  Have a nice week everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Hello everyone....has been a dull day here today, and a touch cooler. I guess Fall is in the air!!
Well, besides gardening, I have been busy quilting and sewing.  This one is being hand quilted, but turned it for the last time,  soon be finished.
I got the binding on this one...
And...this is on my design wall...
Birch Trees.  I have done this one before, and just had an urge for another! And on Friday, I pick up the first set of blocks of our 100 club quilt....done as a group thing on a monthly basis with our quilt shop.
This is last year's quilt....
This is just a fun thing we look forward to every year. Have a fantastic week all!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ready For Binding!!

Yesterday I took this 4patch off of Lily(Coronet)...ready to be bound.  I really like this scrappy quilt, which is a custom order.  I had a nice time quilting the flowers and paisley feathers on it...freehand can be lots of fun!!

Close up....very hard to see the quilting on this one.
The back....
On to my hand quilting.... I have this one in the it!!  I am hand quilting it for a lady who does fantastic embroidery!
Will show you more...only half quilted yet.
I am also piecing one in my sewing room....more info next time.  Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

On my design wall

This throw size quilt is in progress right now.  It is a custom order in the making...
Not a lot left to do, three more short rows and a small border.  Good job on this very rainy day...that we need.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hi folks...another gorgeous day here in the Maritimes, but we need rain badly. My garden is dust!!!!... Not the veggies now, the ground....clear powder.  Anyway, I managed to make mustard pickles worries on loosing my cucumbers now!!!  
I can't get enough of these.  And I've finished hand quilting this custom order...LaMoynne Star.
And this Wallflower is complete out to the borders...
A friend is making one too...we are sewing together. Next is June's quilt...
Isn't it just gorgeous?????  One is nice and bright...the other is nice and soft.  Love this pattern from Missouri Star Co.
This four patch is going on a Lily very soon to be machine quilted. to get supper, have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

The last full week of July....hard to believe!!!!  It seems like I just planted the garden, and we are eating from it already...crazy.  I am linking up to Monika at

I am staying busy with quilts...even though there is lots to do outside these days.  Right now, I have this one in being hand quilted.
This is the LaMoyne Star...a custom order. I am right in the middle of the quilt now.   I just put this little baby quilt on the Coronet, but haven't taken a stitch yet.  
It is a John Deere!!!!!  I couldn't stand back far enough for a full picture, but you get the idea....right?
I have this order all pieced and waiting to be hand quilted.
This is called Floral Arber, and is done in soft colours for a little girl.  I have one more to piece for this lady.  I am also working on a little applique too....a quilt by Missouri Star called Wallflower.
There are 42 blocks here....I think I have about 8 I think it will be very pretty!!!
Well...back to quilting for a bit before bedtime. Have a wonderful week, folks!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Finish!

Time for a post...they seem so far apart lately.  I am struggling with a summer cold this week, and it's my husbands He brought it home!!!!!   But I have to say, he felt worse than I do with it.

I finished hand quilting this custom order, Dresden Plate or Sunflower...has been called both.
And....a different look at it.
I have two more to quilt for this person...actually piecing these quilts as well. I have them all pieced now...just to quilt them.
Taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon...cold be gone!!!!