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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!!/ WIP Wednesday

I hope all of my family and friends have a very Happy New Year!!!  2013 was a wonderful year; I learned so much and met so many great new friends here in blog land...appreciate each one of you.

We are staying in tonight; as I have a head cold...not sick, but don't want to pass it around.  We were suppose to go to a Karaoke club, which is a blast!  Another night...

So for WIPs...I am ready for the 'Kona' hop which is right around the corner...January 7th/ be
Sunday I took the tree down and Monday I put this quilt in the frames to hand quilt for my friend, Rose.

This is the 'Take Five' that the five of us did on our group sewing day.  We each pieced one...mine was the first one I quilted on my Tiara.

Over the holidays I picked up a couple of more quilts to hand quilt for customers.  So; over all I am very busy and love it!!!!!!
I am starting to piece a 'Double Wedding Ring' quilt for a customer....I will have pics before too long. I also have another commissioned quilt to piece....a poppy quilt.  

Well; that is it for me this time around folks....just getting back into the routine here.  Hope you will join me over at The Needle and Thread.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!!

From my family to yours; I wish you all the happiness and good health over Christmas and into the New Year!!!!                                                                                                                           

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'About a Quilt' QAYGQAL

This is a little quilt that I have done with Amira from Sewing Under Little Mushroom Caps. It is a quilt as you go method; which I had never tried.  It went quite well, really. We did one block a month and then joined our blocks this week.  I couldn't wait to finish it and show you!!

It's just a little quilt ...about 38x38....but I really like it.

close up of my favorite block.......

A look at the Amira did the back of hers in different solid colors for each block. If I did one again; that's what I would do. Her quilting stands out so very nice.  You should take a look.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

One week!!!!!   Can you believe week til Christmas. Not a lot going on here right now; as I am waiting until after the holidays to put another quilt in the frames to hand quilt.  But I will show those of you who haven't seen Texas Teardrop quilt all finished!!!!!!

This one was quilted on my Tiara.

Besides finishing this quilt; I do have my 'Kona' project ready for the blog hop. I am ready for the 'Door stopper' hop.....waiting for the fabric for 'She Who Sews' hop.   I now have 6 quilts to hand quilt after the holidays.  So I will not be bored .....

I have a few more blocks to piece for the Churn Dash I am making with a sewing buddy.This is one we do with our local fabric shop.  I am putting the rows together for the 'About a Quilt QAYGQAL...And I have another one or two barely started.  I will have pictures before too long.

I think that is about it for me right now.....join us over at Monika's and Lee's

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Done...Done....Done..!!/Friday Finishes

Oh I am so pleased....I have my Texas Teardrop all quilted and ready to bind. It is so nice to have this finished before I can sit and bind it whenever I feel like it!!  I have to say though; I do get bored not having something in to hand quilt in the evenings. I can't just sit still and watch TV.  But it has to wait is my Teardrop.

 Oh the lighting is so poor...but there are lots of

Now the borders....

And the back of the quilt.....
It is all trimmed up and ready for the binding.  Not sure when that will be on, but all ready.
I am linking this post to Richard and Tanya's Friday Finish.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Oh Oh Oh....or is it Ho Ho Ho????  lol.  We are getting so close to Christmas folks; and I just finished my last hand quilting job before Christmas.  I hate not having one in the frames to work on, but it has to be!!!  The presents are all wrapped, the tree is up and decorated...I think I am ready.........

Now on with what we are here for:  I finished the snowman quilt that I showed you last week
 This post is picture heavy....this was just such a cute quilt!!

 And I am quilting the Texas Teardrop on the Tiara....
 I am out to the borders; which are wide contemplating what I to quilt
I will  be working in the sewing room until after New Year ...on projects coming up for hops.
I am just about ready for the 'Kona' blog hop and started on the "Door Stopper" one.
I have 5 large quilts coming in the New Year for customers to be hand quilted.  And I have a custom order for a large Double Wedding ring from scratch.  So; I will be busy again......

I am linking up to Monika, and Lee...come join the fun...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I have a Question

You know how, when we add a gadget on our it is asking for a title when I want to add a button using the 'Image' section. Is there any way to get through this without adding that title? I never had to do this it won't work unless I do. It isn't necessary and takes up more space.

If there is an alternative; please let me know....thank you.

This is an update...I tried taking it out while editing; doesn't work.  That was one suggestion.
I did re add a couple of them using html instead of image. that worked great, but they are large...can't shrink the picture to fit the sidebar that way.  But it did work!!
Thank you everyone for you help.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday!!!!

It has arrived again folks!!  This week we are getting rain again....I know; better than snow, and warmer. Well; since last week what have I been up to???? hmmmmmmmmmmm
I finished the quilt that I put in the frames:

 This is another lap size can't tell, but the dresdens are 3 dimensional.
A peek at the back of the quilt...

I put the last of this lady's quilts in the frames yesterday....and got a start on it.

This has a nice flannel back on it nice to hand quilt.

Now; I am working on my project for the 'Kona' blog hop and for the 'Don't let the Door Stop You' hop. Can't show you those
I have my Texas Tear Drop ready to quilt on the Tiara. This is probably the last I will do before Christmas.  I have 3 quilts arriving after the New Year to hand quilt...besides 2 more of my own.

Well; you know I am linking up to Monika and      ; come and see how everyone else is doing this week........