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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

One week!!!!!   Can you believe week til Christmas. Not a lot going on here right now; as I am waiting until after the holidays to put another quilt in the frames to hand quilt.  But I will show those of you who haven't seen Texas Teardrop quilt all finished!!!!!!

This one was quilted on my Tiara.

Besides finishing this quilt; I do have my 'Kona' project ready for the blog hop. I am ready for the 'Door stopper' hop.....waiting for the fabric for 'She Who Sews' hop.   I now have 6 quilts to hand quilt after the holidays.  So I will not be bored .....

I have a few more blocks to piece for the Churn Dash I am making with a sewing buddy.This is one we do with our local fabric shop.  I am putting the rows together for the 'About a Quilt QAYGQAL...And I have another one or two barely started.  I will have pictures before too long.

I think that is about it for me right now.....join us over at Monika's and Lee's


  1. I love this quilt! You have your January blog hop projects done already? You are sew accomplished. I am working on my Kona project now. I also got the fabric for the She Who Sews hop this week so I need to get going on that one, too. I am using some of that fabric for my door stopper, too. Best get sewing ... good night! :)

  2. this is just a beautiful quilt You have done a wonderful job on it.

  3. I love the Texas Teardrops. The colors are great.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I love the tear-drop quilt pattern and the colors you chose are stunning.

    1. Thank you Shannon....for some reason I can't access my gmail account today. Who knows??? so I have to reply here.

  5. Fabulous. Love the curves. Love the colours.

  6. Congrats on an awesome finish! Looks wonderful.

  7. Beautiful quilt! Had to check you out because my Mother in Law's name is also Marjorie! Love those teardrops!

  8. It's beautiful! Like old fashioned glass christmas ornaments!

  9. I like the teardrop design. Nice.

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