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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'About a Quilt' QAYGQAL

This is a little quilt that I have done with Amira from Sewing Under Little Mushroom Caps. It is a quilt as you go method; which I had never tried.  It went quite well, really. We did one block a month and then joined our blocks this week.  I couldn't wait to finish it and show you!!

It's just a little quilt ...about 38x38....but I really like it.

close up of my favorite block.......

A look at the Amira did the back of hers in different solid colors for each block. If I did one again; that's what I would do. Her quilting stands out so very nice.  You should take a look.


  1. this is a beauty, have not tried quilt as you go yet, mind you have still to quilt a quilt at all, have one waiting but it will have to wait a little longer, think your way is not so daunting but not sure how you put it all together once all blocks are quilted.

  2. This is very pretty. Love the colours you chose!

  3. That is a very pretty quilt. I have yet to try the quilt a syou go method but it looks a great idea for larger quilts in particular.

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  5. Ooh is that ever pretty! I have never tried quilt as you go is going to be lovely! :)

  6. Beautiful colors!! I love blue in all shades.
    My best,