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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Chance!!

Today is the last opportunity to link up for the New FO for this year. I hope to do more next year; not work wise, but linking  This is a pillow I did last week during the holiday break; a very fun pillow to FMQ too.

Please overlook the mess behind it; part of my stash shelf.  I am linking this post up to Barb over at Cat Patches....join us for the last of 2012 new fo's.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Perfect Extension Table

This is one of the gifts my husband got me for Christmas...and I just love it!!  I've been looking all over for a nice table to fit my Baby Lock; and this is fantastic.

18" x 24" Adjustable Sewing Extension Table

Now this is not my machine; this is the picture from the website where he bought the table.
This table is adjustable so that it will fit any machine.  It is sturdy, fits well and makes all the difference in the world when quilting. 

This is the link to the site where you can buy these tables.  You won't go is Barbara's Etsy shop.  

Monday, December 24, 2012

December's FMQ Challenge

Good morning folks!!  It is Christmas Eve morning and time is flying by.  I apologize for confusing you with my challenge posts. Somehow I missed posting the Dec. Challenge and went ahead with the bonus and yearly challenge post before this one.

I did the challenge then for some reason; set it aside to do the bonus...then forgot to post it. So; here it is 

This was done on broadcloth....with poly batt. I used Essential thread from Connecting Threads. and bobbin thread in the bobbin. It worked very well.

This month's challenge was taught by Patsy Thompson; and I loved it.  We were shown how to fill in borders, I found this very easy.  Now I am still a long ways from great....but getting better!!

I am linking this to SewCalGal for the Dec post; then will add it to my yearly post....thank you for reading..and a Merry |Christmas to all!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Wishes

I want to take this time to wish all of my blogging friends all over the world a  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year .........I have had a wonderful year here with all of you....Thank you.

Picture is compliments of tree images on line.....thank you.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can't Believe I Forgot!!!!

Hi guys...I was absent minded yesterday posting my WIPs.  I mentioned the place mats I made with my 2 friends, and didn't show you a picture.  Where was my mind????? lol

We are having another sewing get together tomorrow at my place....tea..chatting and sewing. What more fun could a girl want?

I am linking up to Richard and Tanya for Finish Friday......

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday again; missing last week because I haven't been doing a lot in the line of quilting til after Christmas.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season; and are ready for Santa.

This week I did get the binding on 'Intertwined'

I have my piece ready for the blog hop in January...but can't show you that
I finished the place mats that I made with Marla and Connie; lots of fun getting together for little projects.  I have added more to the 'Bluenose' but no picture yet; after Christmas....I forgot(lol)
I did add extra borders to RTQA top picture with the extra border. I added a 2" white to tie it in with the center; then a solid gold to the outside. I am hoping to quilt it after the holidays.
Oh; almost forgot: I did the last FMQ Challenge sample too.
This was a bonus challenge given by Teri Lucas....I love this!

I am linking up to Monika and Lee; I hope you will take a look at the rest of the weeks work out there....thanks for reading.


Yesterday was a very nice day here...I had friends drop by for tea and a bit of sewing talk.
I also received a lovely gift in the mail. I think I mentioned back a few weeks ago; that I won a sketch from Maria  of Personalized Sketches. Well it arrived; and is just I have to get a frame and matting to fit this so I can hang it in my sewing room.  Thank you Maria!!! I just love it.

This is so very neat...everything you see here that is sketched. is my name. Very tiny little Marjorie all over this page...incredible work.
Maria is very talented; I hope you will visit her blog. These make great gifts in whatever form you would like.
Thanks again Maria....lovely.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

FMQ Bonus Challenge

Just when I thought I was; along came SewCalGal with a bonus challenge for the month of December.  So; I had to do it...I haven't missed one yet. I am not good at these, but I did enjoy this gives me a good chance to try to follow lines; which I don't do well.  So; here goes....

The Challenge was given by Terri Lucas....she is just a wonderful quilter. I didn't purchase the software to do exactly what she showed us. I printed up a copy of the sample and quilted it.

This is printed up on printable fabric....I have used these a number of times before; but never quilted on one of them. They are fantastic to FMQ on!! Taking a lot of ink for this one though.
Here in this one; you can see that I still don't follow a line well.  But I do like it.
Now the back....which turned out great. the heavier areas are where I travelled so much...overall; it went great.  I will add this to my year of FMQ post too.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Check It Out!!!!

Today I am being featured over at  The Needle and Thread Network ;Monika is a very talented lady. If you haven't visited her blog; it is a must!  Today would be a good day for you to join me over there...get to know me a little better, and tour Monikas' blog. I promise you will not be sorry.

Here are a few of my projects and you will see more during the feature...
This was a wonderful piece to work on....

Both of these quilts had great applique pieces on them....I really enjoyed doing these.

Now this Dear Jane...I didn't piece. I hand quilted this for a wonderful lady who works in my favorite local quilt shop. It is a true treasure!!

This was a commissioned quilt...I pieced and hand quilted it for a lovely couple in England who had visited New Brunswick a year ago.

Well enough already.....head over to Monika and read all about me....and enjoy Monika's blog.
I also have a website...just google  Shepodys Quilter  and take a peek. If you have any questions after you read the feature; feel free to ask me, please. I tend to ramble and say nothing sometimes. So, I apologize

Thanks folks!!  Thank you Monika!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday

A very productive week for me!!  I got the Log Cabin quilt hand quilted this week. I put it in the frames last Tuesday and took it out yesterday. Now I can take it easy til after New Year; as far as quilting goes.  Still have sewing to do and decorating for the holiday.

So my works in progress are:  Log Cabin-done/king size

closer look....

The 'Bluenose' hasn't changed this week. Spent all my time on the one above!
RTQA top still needs borders; I may get at that now.
Have to start my 'Words' project for the blog hop in January.
Then on to Nancy Drew for March.

So; still lots to do here.  I am linking up to Elizabeth and Monika; hope you'll take a look.
Linking up to Richard and Tanya Finish Friday...join us.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Year of FMQ Challenges

It is hard to believe that we have done a year of this!  Time goes by way too I am going to show you  samples from each month, plus 2 bonus challenges.  This post is putting me into the grand draw. Hope you bare with me for all the pictures; because they are not
January was the leaves; which I loved first month, and I thought I had it!
February the took me awhile with this one....but I loved it in the end. This is the best I have done feather like it since. lol.But I'll get it back...

March was loops and flowers,swirls..a bit of everything. I enjoyed it too; had fun with it.  It may not look like much here....but below you can see how incorporated a few of these together.

My first actual piece with all of the above challenges combined.  I really like this table topper. I feel that I have learned quite a bit with the first 3 months.

April was instructed by Don where we traced the pattern on tule and transferred it to fabric to be quilted.  This was quite easy and a great way to transfer.

May brought this one; not sure what I would call it really. It was to practice curvy lines across the track then  squared corners doing the same thing with them...I've never done this one since.

June brought this one...filling in our space.  I loved this challenge..I have a hard time knowing what I want to quilt; so this was great for me. And I kind of like how it turned out too.  Thanks Cindy for this one.

July was the month for this confused me; I know, it doesn't take much.  I would forget where to go here.

 August is the Jesters Hat!!  Now mine wouldn't tell you; but it was fun to do....I did enjoy this one immensely

September challenge was very neat...I love this piece; pins and  I used the tule do transfer this one too.  Works very well!!

October was so much fun!!!  I got to write my name...hard to see in the thread I used. It's in the  this gave us a variety to try for fillers. I am not good at all at straight lines. but I felt pretty good with this...over all.

November is the swirl....we drew a grid; mine could be a better grid;  I found this pretty good, but you do need to measure your grid right to make a nice line of them.

Dec. borders by Patsy Thompson....loved it.

Bonus challenge ....this was the photography piece.

I know this is a very long post, but I needed to show the whole year for the entry. I hope you didn't mind all of this....I didn\t experiment with too many threads, but from what I did use; I prefer the rayon. I found they were smooth to work breaks or messes at all!!  This year was a great learning experience for me with this challenge.  I thank SewCalGal and all of our instructors for the time they took to spend with all of us.   Very much appreciated.
This will be linked up to SewCalGal

I have one more to add; the bonus Challenge for December by Teri Lucas...I love this one!!!!!

If you would really like to see the back of this sample and read more about it....please to to my newer post for Dec. 15th.  

The Winner of my Holiday Lane post is!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning folks.....this hop has been too much fun; hate to see it end.  Thank you to our leaders again....couldn't do this without you.

Now the winner of the fall fabric: Marlene #29   I will send you and email and get your mailing address Marlene... a huge thank you to everyone who left me a wonderful comment.  Even though I didn't send an email to all of you.....I did read each comment and appreciate them all so very much.  My email is giving me some problems lately; til I clear it up, I haven't been sending many.  So just know that I do read them...I try to reply to any with questions.  

Thanks again !!!!!