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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Yesterday was a very nice day here...I had friends drop by for tea and a bit of sewing talk.
I also received a lovely gift in the mail. I think I mentioned back a few weeks ago; that I won a sketch from Maria  of Personalized Sketches. Well it arrived; and is just I have to get a frame and matting to fit this so I can hang it in my sewing room.  Thank you Maria!!! I just love it.

This is so very neat...everything you see here that is sketched. is my name. Very tiny little Marjorie all over this page...incredible work.
Maria is very talented; I hope you will visit her blog. These make great gifts in whatever form you would like.
Thanks again Maria....lovely.


  1. That is amazing and just wonderful work.

  2. Lucky you Marjorie, that is gorgeous!!

  3. What a great idea. I was amazed by the beautiful thimble picture then you said it had your name all over it. Incredible. It is a lovely piece of art to have on the wall.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Val....I am so thrilled with this. Maria is quite incredible.

  4. awesome gift and such a talent... you lucky gal
    in stitches

  5. This is a beautiful gift, you lucky girl!

    Amanda Rose

  6. Thank you sweet friend for posting about the art I do and sharing yours. I can't wait to see it matted and framed. Please do send any photos of it, so that I can post it on my fb art page :o)

    I was pretty excited when I saw your name was one of the ones pulled for the giveaways. (...and I am happy to see that yes, you were able to get it out of the very secure shipping tube that my hubby put it in :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!