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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

The last full week of July....hard to believe!!!!  It seems like I just planted the garden, and we are eating from it already...crazy.  I am linking up to Monika at

I am staying busy with quilts...even though there is lots to do outside these days.  Right now, I have this one in being hand quilted.
This is the LaMoyne Star...a custom order. I am right in the middle of the quilt now.   I just put this little baby quilt on the Coronet, but haven't taken a stitch yet.  
It is a John Deere!!!!!  I couldn't stand back far enough for a full picture, but you get the idea....right?
I have this order all pieced and waiting to be hand quilted.
This is called Floral Arber, and is done in soft colours for a little girl.  I have one more to piece for this lady.  I am also working on a little applique too....a quilt by Missouri Star called Wallflower.
There are 42 blocks here....I think I have about 8 I think it will be very pretty!!!
Well...back to quilting for a bit before bedtime. Have a wonderful week, folks!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Finish!

Time for a post...they seem so far apart lately.  I am struggling with a summer cold this week, and it's my husbands He brought it home!!!!!   But I have to say, he felt worse than I do with it.

I finished hand quilting this custom order, Dresden Plate or Sunflower...has been called both.
And....a different look at it.
I have two more to quilt for this person...actually piecing these quilts as well. I have them all pieced now...just to quilt them.
Taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon...cold be gone!!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hello folks!!  Seems like ages since I last posted, just very busy...never stop!  Well; let's see what I am up to, eh...besides weeding that garden and fighting bugs!!!!
This past weekend, I finished hand quilting this customer quilt...she pieced it, and I did the quilting.
This is a wedding gift for someone is king size
I took this one off my Lily (Coronet) this morning...
This is one that my husband pieced this past winter...closer looks.
Body of the is the borders...
And the least part of
I put this custom order in the hand quilting frames a few minutes ago...
Might stitch on it this evening. And I am working on this one with a friend once a week...
This is a couple of the blocks....using a layer cake with lots of pretty colours..more later on. That mauve fabric in the background is for another order I will be starting very soon.
Well, I have to get out to the kitchen before I burn supper!!!  Have a wonderful week.