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Monday, March 1, 2021

How Are You All?

These pics have come in completely mixed up 
But, the first one is a flimsy which is a custom order for a wedding gift.
This is hubby showing how far we had walked 
In that day 
Above is my Hillbilly Puzzle... hand quilted 
This quilt is an order (panels) machine quilted 
That’s me!!!!
Log cabin being hand quilted for a customer
Panel machine quilted 
Above is my quilt top done with local fabric shop this past year
A customer’s Chandelier quilt..  hand quilted
This is the backing of one near the top of page

And this should have come up first.  Lol things just didn’t work this morning!!!

Hello folks... I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.  We’ve had a great winter here in New Brunswick.  Hubby and I have been walking every day and keeping busy.
So..... this is my work since last post