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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hi is Tuesday, and a gorgeous day here in Southern New Brunswick.  I have been cooking, cleaning, went for a walk...and as the ice is melting from our pond....I can watch the goldfish swimming around. Our pond water is at its best this time of the very clear.

Now....quilting is going like crazy here!  We had our group sewing day yesterday, and I had a blast!
Now, to explain....first off, I forgot my lunch!!!  Well, I ate better than always great friends looking out for you, eh.  Then, half hour into the morning, I realize I didn't have all the fabric I needed with me.   So.....what did I do all day?   Well, I helped some of the girls with their projects.  I put in a non boring day!!
Now, on to my works in progress....I finished my Big Ten quilt on Lily Saturday morning.

Freehand flowers and leaves all over this one.  And Sunday evening, I finished hand quilting the Geese Variation, made by Merrill, my husband. I'll have to take a pic of the back for you too.
Here's a better one....


Will get a better pic of this later on...not seeing two of the nicest borders here.  I put this customer quilt in to be hand quilted this afternoon.
Can't wait to get at it!!!!  Have a fantastic week everyone...I'm off to get a tea and relax a bit.