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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Go Giveaway!!!!

There is a fatnastic giveaway going on over at Lynnes....Now people; I want this...hahaha....but good
luck in the contest.

Now get going!!lol

WIP Wednesday and Giveaway!!

The end of November...what????? Well the season has sneaked up on me. It is mild here today...9degrees this morning and getting a bit warmer as the day goes suppose to rain. This week has been slow for me, I'm not setting up another large quilt til after New Year. So; piddling away at little being one of

WIPs:  I have the 2 scrappies to be quilted
            Summer Sampler to be quilted
            Blueberry Basket to be quilted now!!
            still monthly piecing the QAL at the fabric shop
             2 commissioned quilts to be quilted

Now I think that it is; here is a pic of the Blueberry Basket all pieced.  I am linking up to Lee and Monika; you should have a peek at what is going on today.

Take care and have a wonderful day.  Check out the giveaway over at Shop is sponsoring this one....Layer Cake to win.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Quilt Show

I have decided to join in on the Christmas Quilt Show going on here. Take a look for yourself; sounds like fun. You do the normal linky thingy and take a peek at other entries...

What are you waiting for??? LOL. Here are my entries:
This is a snowman table runner
A snowday wallhanging

                                                                     Tree Ornament wallhanging                                      

Good luck to everyone..have fun.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Harry is finished..yay!!!!!/ TGIF

I finished hand quilting and binding Harry Potter this afternoon....he is the last one I will be hand quilting until after New Year.  My fingers need a good rest. I am hoping to practice a little FMQ though...but no promises. I need something to fiddle with besides shoveling and ploughing this snow we have.  I could clean house; hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  NAH!!!!!

Well here is Harry...he is now on my website for sale... 

I am linking up toTGIF at Sparrow in Flight today...go have a look for yourself...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunshine on a Snowday!!!!/Mailbox

I got the nicest surprise gift from Holly came in the mail today. It is a copy of 'Cloth Paper Scissors'  an art magazine...and Holly included one of her handmade cards..just lovely!!

This is a close up of her art work...
I am going to save this card to send to someone special; you know, a someone who will really appreciate the art work involved...thank you so much Holly.

WIP Wednesday

You know; every Wednesday brings a bit closer to the big day....yes, Christmas!! It is getting too close; I love it, but ohhhhhhhhhh so much  We have a snow storm in the forecast for later today; then changing to rain over night. Going to make a big mess!!!!. I guess it is inevitable here this time of the year,eh.

On with the works in progress now: 2 scrappies still waiting..they will be for sometime.
                                                        Blueberry Basket is moving along slowly( I did stitich down the applique yesterday)
                                                        Summer Sampler waiting to be quilted
                                                         Harry Potter in the frames and 3/4 quilted...yay!!!!
                                                         2 new commissioned quilts waiting to be hand quilted
                                                         and I made a new little pillow!!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic of the pillow: inspired by  Jessica  who has the link for the tutorial. And it isn't dirty; lol..just the light hitting the felt...leave it to me,eh.....

Now I am linking up to Lee  and Monika to see what the rest of the world is working on today...have fun.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wow!!!!!!!!! Baby Go Giveaway!!!!

I want this; but I am sharing it with you because I like   is hosting this giveaway....get in on it now....

Manic Monday

Good morning all; I decided to link up with Jenna this morning....most of you have seen this post. But here it is again, because I haven't completely finished anything else Have fun looking around...take care.   here
Sew Happy Geek

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Fantastic Giveaway!!

Oh my.....anyone want a Charm pack??  is having a giveaway....She is showing a wonderful line of fabric by Lauren&Jessie Jung; really quite lovely....have a look and get in on it now....

Friday, November 18, 2011


Sunni  is hosting a wonderful giveaway; you have to have a look...fabric up for grabs...just pick what you like.  Don't miss out now....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blessings and a Giveaway

You really need to share this wonderful story. We all know there are lots of giving people out there, but you need to go over to BJ's page and see what is going on...and you can get in on the giveaway while there getting to know this person....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wow!!!!! Giveaway

Quick.....get over toLily's Quilts  fantastaic Kona fabric giveaway!!!!

WIP Wednesday!!!!!!!!

Oh my ...where has the week gone? I haven't done a lot this week; I hurt my back, so I am taking it a bit easy.  shhhhhhhhh just a bit.  I have made a little progress on the 'Blueberry Basket' quilt top. I got one border added with the applique fused on; but that's it. 
Oh.........and I am quilting for a lady...This quilt was hand quilted by someone else...When she got it back it
didn't have enough quilting on it...So; I am adding much more to it for her. I am doing it in a hoop; which I never use. That could be the back problem...but I can't show you a picture, because I didn't ask for permission to show it. And wouldn't want anyone's feelings hurt.  But I will say; it is a lovely quilt...and a    couple more days will finish it.                                                            

I am linking up to Lee and Monika; so head on over and have a look at the wonderful work.  Take care...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Fantastic Giveaway!!

Have you got in on the manly giveaway yet? Well; if not, you best get over there.  Clint is having fun while Judi is at the retreat...haha!!   here  is where you need to go....check it out!!! But I want to

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Mind is |Gone!!

I told someone I would give them a pattern for the DWR done in square blocks....I can't remember who it was!!
I so; if it was you, and you still want it...let me know..I will email it to you...thank you

Wow!! A great giveaway is having another great one right head on over and take a look....a free subxcription to the above magazine!!!!!

WIP Wednesday/ TGIF

Oh it is so nice to finally have something else to show It has been a very nice sunny week here; so far.  I have been working outside piling hardwood..which I love doing.  Can't beat the outdoors when it is nice.

So On with the works in progress:  2 scrappies still to be quilted
                                                      Harry Potter same
                                                      Blueberry Basket same
                                                      Summer Sampler is pieced.yay!!!
                                                      Broken Star/Square finished!!
This still has to be quilted .....and now the finish....
There now I think you looked at enough pics...right??? lol....I am linking up to Lee and Monika...enjoy your day....I am off to clean house a bit and pile the last of the wood this morning...take care. Now with a bit of editing...linking up to TGIF

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tah Dah!!!!!

Oh my; it is a beautiful 13 degress here today; and sunny..I have been outside piling hardwood. Now it didn't really need to be done; but too nice out to stay inside;  Wanted to share my finish with you all; the
'Broken Star/Square' is completed. All hand quilted and waiting to be shipped to England..That takes care of all my orders from the summer. I do have a few to quilt for others..but the orders from scratch; now, maybe, I will get back to UFOs??? U think?..

This is what was left outside last week...I dug all of my bulbs up for winter...I still had on Dahlia blossom and a few straw flowers...had to savour them...thanks for visiting....

Friday, November 4, 2011


Is anyone else having a problem viewing posts on blogger?  I have absolutely no problem on my desk top.  But from my laptop; I can rarely get past the dashboard...

If anyone knows what is going on and how to fix it; would you let me know?

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I don't want to bore you today; so, I am just going to say that there is nothing new to show you since last week.  I am just about finished quilting the Broken Square/Star. Just a couple of days and it will be done.
Now for those of you who havent had a look yet...why not click on my big red button on the right sidebar.
It will take you to my shop at website.  Thank you..                                                                   
I am linking up to lee and Monika; so take a look and see what the rest of the world has been up to.

Thanks for stopping by.