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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gone Fishin!!!!

The theme quilt is officially finished...bound and everything.  I managed to get it outside this afternoon; just before it poured rain....oh my....would I have been upset if I had got caught in that with it.....

On the clothes line...
Over the lawn chairs......   
close ups......
This quilt was so much fun to work on.....I am so anxious for the owner to see it....he was thrilled the Bluenose....and I hope he is just as happy with Gone Fishin.

On another note; I managed to get all of the lawns mowed and trimmed today before it rained...a load off for this week.....yay!!!!!  Now it can rain all it wants.
I had 2 more quilt tops arrive yesterday; I am going to be busy for a few
I hope everyone has a great Canada Day weekend.

If you get a chance and this link works; please take a minute to watch this little video. This is Marla's

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I am running late this morning...sorry folks!    

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday


What a gorgeous past few days here!! We had a perfect weekend; and right up to now is beautiful...Now it is hot, but I am loving the sunshine; though I guess it is leaving us for a bit of rain. I do not mind because a little rain will clear the air and water my gardens. 

This weeks WIPs are few....not because I am not working, but I am finishing.....yay!!!!!
Since last week, I finished hand quilting the Fishing Lodge theme quilt....calling it Gone Fishin....
This picture is not a good one...but after I hand sew the binding on; I will take a much better pic outside.

I made my project for Stamp On It blog hop......which has started today also; check it out.

I have started hand quilting this commissioned quilt.....
This lady does exceptional piecing!!!!!

I quilted this table topper.....called Chimes on Tiara today. Have to bind it yet.
I have joined the Christmas in July blog hop....and a couple of QALs....I know!!!!!!!
And besides that; I have my list from last week waiting to be quilted and one more commissioned one on the way.   But I love it!!!!!!
I know there are a lot of pictures in this post....but I can now show you the Memory Quilts that I did for the graduate; since the ceremony was last week...This first one was actually made by our graduating class; back when they were in grade 1. Their teacher kept it and gave it to her great niece; who was in her class that year.  The students used crayon to make their blocks with their names on it....the teacher put the quilt top together and I hand quilted it for her this spring.  Here it is!!!!

Close up of the sashing....

One of the crayon blocks...

And the second memory quilt....this one I made for the graduate/pieced and quilted it.

This is done with photos on printable fabric. The quilt is in her school colors....she was into basketball big it focused on that.
close up of the border with younger pics of her and family...

As always; I am linking up to Monika and Lee; you need to take a look....great work going on.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stamp On It!!!!

WoooHoo!!!!! It is the first day of this fun blog hop!!!!
This one intrigued me so much I couldn't resist joining up. As soon as I saw it posted...I was there!!!
Now; the first thing I want to do is give a thank you to our wonderful Madame Samm. She has more energy than anyone I know....and we couldn't do this without her.  Up next is our Thearica; whom we are so very lucky to have on board time after time. Then we have our sponsors....a huge thank you there.

Now; on with my little piece of this hop...This was fun and very simple to make; a pair of placemats with my stamp on it....

 close up of the little red cardinal.....
machine quilted on Tiara.....
meandering on the stamp itself....and a little leaf design on the rest of the placemat
I hope you enjoyed my little part of the 'Stamp On It' is your list of particpants for today.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

June Finishes

The month went by too quickly!!  But I did manage to get my goals completed.....I finished hand quilting this one

Just waiting for the owner to pick it up.

My next goal was to finish piecing my Fishing Lodge theme quilt....well; it is finished...I even finished hand quilting it earlier today....I don't have a picture yet....of the quilting, but I will add it soon. Here it is all pieced.
Here it is quilted....not a good picture, but ok for today.

I did get more quilting on Tiara also....oh; it's been a good month!!!!
I managed to quilt 2 of these little quilts....

So; over all I am feeling good about this month.  Linking up to SewBittersweetDesigns; you should take a look a the rest of the accomplishments this month.      

Bog Hop Reminider!!!!/Stamp On It

It all starts on Wednesday folks....the 26th. I am up on the first day...don't forget to be here.....
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Another week gone!!!!  I know as I get older; it goes by much faster. this has been a wonderful week here...the past 4 or 5 days have been perfect weather; much needed.  We spent most of the weekend putting hardwood in the wood shed.  I have been doing a little of it each day this week; so we can finish.  I enjoy working outside, but am getting tired...glad tomorrow should finish what I can do by myself.  

Now; WIPs....I am half way through hand quilting this one: I am really thrilled with it so far.

I have my project ready for the 'Stamp on It' blog hop starting the 26th.   But can't show you.
Haven't started the 'Christmas in July'' yet.  I have 4 large quilts of my own to lap quilt...a table topper...and 2 customer quilts to hand no slacking off

I also machine quilted 2 little pieces on Tiara today......wall hangings. Need to bind those yet.

A close up:
These pieces are both identical pieces...growth charts;  Only the quilting is different.

A close up of this one......notice; it has funky flowers quilted all over instead of just across the top

I am linking up to Monika and Lee  for WIP Wednesday.  Take a look.

Theme of the Week

Well voting is over and the best quilt; not  Thanks guys for all the votes; we did very well....but "Gone Golfing" won and it was a fabulous quilt!!!! Congrats to it......

Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you claimed your Bloglovin yet?? Time is out folks!!!  If you don't claim it....I can't follow you. And I want to follow;  please make it work.....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Reminder To Vote!!!!

Hello folks.....want to remind you that Friday is the beginning of the voting over at Michelle's You have the weekend to get your vote, please take a look at the quilts entered this is mine

I would love to have your vote......

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It is raining again!!!!! You know; we get one nice spring or summer like day; and back to it....grrrrrrr.
Oh well, eh.....I can sew instead of working outside; why am I

This has been a good week...I feel like a lot is getting done now. So; here we go:

Applique quilt all finished the hand quilting.....
The owner will pick it up next time she is in the province.

The 'Fishing Lodge' Theme quilt is ready to go in the frames to be hand quilted.

Now you can't see all of it is just hanging over the ironing board here.  I am keep some of it secret until it is quilted.....

I have the next QAYGQAL block pieced.....
This was a fantastic block to piece..and I love it.

I am working on my piece for "Stamp on It" blog hop starting in a few weeks. A
I know; not much of a just have to
I still have my Disappearing 9 patch to machine Texas Teardrop to quilt...Garden Fence to quilt....and Chimes table topper....oh my!!!!!!!
I just overwhelmed myself

I am linking up to Lee   and Monika; take a look; or better yet...join us.

Oh almost forgot...I received a couple of my wins in the mail this past is one from Quilt Taffy....2 sweet bits of fabric, eh.
And this one arrived today....I won it through the Blogger's Quilt Festival....Box closed...
Box opened.....Tula from Aurifil Threads....aren't they cute!!!