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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It is raining again!!!!! You know; we get one nice spring or summer like day; and back to it....grrrrrrr.
Oh well, eh.....I can sew instead of working outside; why am I

This has been a good week...I feel like a lot is getting done now. So; here we go:

Applique quilt all finished the hand quilting.....
The owner will pick it up next time she is in the province.

The 'Fishing Lodge' Theme quilt is ready to go in the frames to be hand quilted.

Now you can't see all of it is just hanging over the ironing board here.  I am keep some of it secret until it is quilted.....

I have the next QAYGQAL block pieced.....
This was a fantastic block to piece..and I love it.

I am working on my piece for "Stamp on It" blog hop starting in a few weeks. A
I know; not much of a just have to
I still have my Disappearing 9 patch to machine Texas Teardrop to quilt...Garden Fence to quilt....and Chimes table topper....oh my!!!!!!!
I just overwhelmed myself

I am linking up to Lee   and Monika; take a look; or better yet...join us.

Oh almost forgot...I received a couple of my wins in the mail this past is one from Quilt Taffy....2 sweet bits of fabric, eh.
And this one arrived today....I won it through the Blogger's Quilt Festival....Box closed...
Box opened.....Tula from Aurifil Threads....aren't they cute!!!


  1. The fishing quilt looks very neat!

    Well done on the wins - how exciting to get fabric-y goodness in the mail!

  2. I like your star QAYGQAL..The colors are wonderful together:):)

    Slightly envious of your Aurifil win hehehe

  3. The flower quilt is just beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished fish quilt.

    Your blue block is gorgeous. What a fun block that is.

    Have fun with the wins.

  4. All that gorgeous applique!!!! Looking forward to seeing your Teardrop quilt too. Love that Tula thread-very jealous!

  5. Fabulous work Marjorie:) The fabric with the little mermaids is adorable.

  6. So many lovely things! Yes, definitely sewing is a nice consolation for rainy weather

  7. awesome wins, that mermaid fabric is too stinkin cute!

    I am stopping by from the WIP post, hop by if you get a chance!

  8. You are getting a lot done Marjorie. Lovely finish on the applique quilt. It's beautiful. Your fishing quilt is wonderful so far. Cant wait for the final look. Love the zigzaggy fabric. Awesome wins. Lucky you to win the Tula threads.

  9. Very nice. Love the fishing quilt. Wet here today but still got some work done. Now going to sew for a little bit before supper.

  10. Lots going on, eh? And what fun to win something from time to time!

  11. Lucky you! That thread would be wonderful to play with! And rainy days are good for just that!

  12. Love that flower quilt! I am sitting here and drawing out the flower shapes, perhaps I will create a version of my own sometime!

  13. well we had some summer yesterday and today and all weekend they have said rain....
    love your quilting..... and your big win of the thread I just love that brand
    in stitches

  14. Its still raining here too and i hear it is raining back home too...gesh this should be May you have a lot of lovely work

  15. Great looking hand quilting. Sounds like you have projects enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

  16. What a lot of lovely projects.

  17. Such great progress on your hand quilting :)
    Thanks for linking up!