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Saturday, June 1, 2013

June goals!!!!

Today is June 1st; time to make my list of goals for this month. My biggest goal this month is to finish the fishing lodge theme quilt. I need to have it completely pieced by the end of \june/ hand quilted if I am lucky.  

But for now we will say completely pieced...I also have to finish hand quilting the one in the frames...that shouldn't be a problem.

I also am striving for more machine quilting on Tiara!! I did ok with May's goals/ all finished there. So; we will see.   Here are pics of the 2 quilts I am talking about.

This one is being quilted now...

This is the beginning of the theme quilt....

I am linking up to Fiber of All Sorts  


  1. Two great projects, worthy of finishing!

  2. Good luck with your June finishes... they look awesome!

  3. Two great projects to finish. Good luck