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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Well; I am writing this Tuesday evening to be ready for was an ok day here. It was sunny, but not all that warm/comfortable I guess. Anyway not suppose to rain again til Saturday....yes the weekend!! I wanted to go cruising in the Solstice but I guess not!!! lol

Now for my progress this week: let's see.....things are moving along slowly. I am about a day away from finishing the hand quilting on this quilt.

Next photo shows the outside edge...almost done!!!  I do have my flower beds all cleaned out

I did finish machine quilting the 'About a Quilt' QAYGQAL block for this month.

close up .....too difficult to see the feather quilted in the maple leaf...but it is

I am close to the outside border of the 'fishing lodge theme' quilt...a peek at the progress

this is the bottom corner of the center of the the next corner block

This is a worm on the hook....these are in each corner of this chevron week I will have more to show you....hoping the top will be finished.

I have started my piece for the next hop too...the stamp one....but no peeks
So; overall; once I finish the applique quilt, the fishing one will go in the frames to be hand quilted. Then I have a quilt with thousands of tiny tiny pieces to hand quilt. It is pieced similar to Dear Jane.
After that I have another one that hasn't  arrived yet. So don't know what it is like just yet.  Somewhere in there; I hope to do some machine quilting on Tiara....and plant my vegie garden.  It has been so wet here we haven't managed to get a thing in the ground yet...and more rain on the weekend..... grrrrrrrrrr

Well folks; that it is for me this week; I don't think I forgot
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  1. You are a busy woman! That worm is adorable. I signed up for the stamp hop too. Should be fun!

  2. My goodness your hand quilting is amazing!

  3. It seems that you week was full of projects...
    and hand quilting.
    I prefers the machine... ;-), even if it takes on my neck and shoulders. looking forward to see this quilt finished.

  4. Your quilting - both hand and machine - look terrific. I can't wait to see that fishing quilt. That is going to be fabulous.

  5. Visiting from the Great Blog Train at Blue Eyed Beauty. Your work is beautiful! I would love to have you join us at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  6. She's seems like you've had a pretty productive week. I've gotten most of my flower beds done too but the veggie garden is way behind here too. I had my tomato plants just outside in the sun on the deck and I think it was still too cold for them. I may have lost a couple.

  7. You have been very busy and very productive too , and quite the line up of quilts waiting for you ,great work Marjorie!