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Thursday, July 23, 2015

FMQ Challenge/July

Can you believe it???????....almost the end of July!!!!!  today is a gorgeous, hot sunny day, and I mean hot. I mowed the lawns early this morning...before the grass was even near dry. We are expecting thunder showers, I got out early and finished it.

Ok, to the business at hand....pillow challenge!  This month our expert is Paula Reid...if you don't know Paula, you got to look her up.  I have her DVD called 'Fluff and Stuff' that is the option I went with this time around.

Paula covers a lot of territory in this video, but she focuses on tracing stencils to follow with your machine needle.  I always had a hard time following a line!  This time...not!!!  I enjoyed each minute of it!!!!!

This pillow is quite similar to an earlier one I did, but it was free hand.  So, here we go....starting  my pillow.

first step...I drew the flower and stitched it out...then
the double circle and feather round.....drawn and stitched. And....
then, I added some fillers to finish it off...stippling in the Center and meandering around the outside of the feather.  I like!!!!!!

To see the rest of this months pillows....scoot over to;  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Good morning everyone!!!  I am linking up to Monika over here... and Lee at is close to tea time for me, so I decided to sit down and put a post up.  This week, I am about half way through the hand quilting of this quilt top....

This is a kit from Connecting Threads, called Prints on Point.  I have this next one ready to pin baste for the Tiara.

Now, The back is pieced for this one pics this morning, but once it is quilted, I will take pics to show you. The back is a row of these same blocks which form a sort of pinwheel...with two shades of Gray on either side of the row of blocks.

I am about to machine quilt my pillow for the July FMQ Challenge.  I have 3 quilts on the way to be hand quilted for customers. 

I think that covers quilting for me right now. But.....I just came in from the garden.  Look what I have picked for supper!!!!!

beet greens!!!!!!!! Now to wash them up and wait!!!!!!  Lol
This is just thinning part of the row.  Yum yum
Have a great week...looks like ours is going to stay wet, so gardening and will be mowing between showers, I guess.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Chance to Win Big!!!!!


Win a Summer School Five-Class Pass at Craftsy!

Craftsy is giving away a 5-class pass this summer, one for you and a friend!  The classes are your choice, valued at over $300.  I love Craftsy classes because they are professionally created by people passionate about their craft, and I always learn something new.  The classes can be watched on my schedule, and access never expires.  It's easy to enter on this page.

And since I shared the giveaway with you, I'm the friend you'd name for the five free classes for a friend, right!?!  I want quilting classes, ok???????
If you win and take me with you...yes you will!!!!   Lol. I'll tell you which ones I want, right?????
I like the FMQ classes with Angela or Christine, or oh heavens...You know!!!!!
Now, I got this Info from, thank you Myra


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Its been a couple of weeks since I've  joined in here...gardening takes away from quilting a little.

This quilt arrived in its new home a few days ago...
I put this one in the frames to hand quilt  this afternoon. It is actually Waiting for the next customer quilt to arrive.
I'll post its progress as I go.  I also have the top pieced for a new one...going to piece the back next.
Here is a peek at it...
The past couple of weeks I've been machine quilting quite a few baby quilts.  They have been moving out of my shop lately. 

This is a few of them...didn't take pics of them all.  I also was commissioned to make baby quilts for a new set of a neighbour.  She wanted them made from scraps of her clothing. I finished those today.

They each have a pocket on the front for a teddy bear, and their name is on each one.
And they are really cuter than they appear to be!!!  Lol
Well, just about my bed, I will say good nite and leave you with this post.  Enjoy your know we are mid July???????? Darn!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Customer Quilt

hey folks....remember last week, I finished s quilt on the Tiara and wanted the customer to see it before I posted it???? Well, she picked it up yesterday, and was very pleased with it, so, here it is.

Better look...
On the black and white fabric, I did a loopy meandering that made it possible to do an all over pattern.

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Beautiful Day

Hi everyone ...A gorgeous day here today, my youngest son, his son and another grandson visited today. Always such a pleasure to see them!!!!

I finished this customer quilt today...finished hand quilting it last night and bound it this afternoon.
My fingers are resting til the end of next week...then back at

I also finished one on the Tiara, but will show you after she picks it up. I like the owner to see it first...if possible.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend....we are taking off in the Solstice tomorrow for a day of cruising!!!