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Friday, December 20, 2019

T'is The Season

💥💫Good morning...I want to wish each and everyone of my blogger friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I'm not posting much lately because blogger just isn't co operating with my iPad, but in the New Year, I hope to remedy that with the!
See you all in 2020

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Busy, Busy

Good morning folks...been a busy week here, getting quilts done up before the Christmas season is here.  Today, I want to show you two client I just finished hand quilting, and the other is half way to being finished...hand quilting too.

This one belongs to a friend...he got me to quilt and bind it for him and his wife. He bought the top
in Pennsylvania.

This is a cross stitch quilt...I have done a few of these for this lady over the years. This might be
her last one...not sure.  She has said that

I took a few small things off Lily in the past few pics.  These are baby quilts, placemats
things I do my test runs on  before a larger quilt.
I am also busy piecing two baby quilts in the sewing room, one will be hand quilted and the other
machine quilted.  I am also binding a couple of large quilts for a friend...she hates doing

Well, I think that's about it for me this week...have a fantastic weekend folks!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2019


Good morning folks...wanted to snow this one I just hand quilted.
It was pieced years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed quilting it.

Have a good day!  

Friday, October 11, 2019

Hey...its Friday!!!

I have a finish and a new beginner for you this morning....I finished hand quilting this Slash Block quilt for a lovely lady.
This is one I have done myself,but in bright colors...this is made for this lady's grand daughter.  
It is a fun quilt, that I am sure this young lady will enjoy!

This one is for a customer also...don't know the name of this...all scraps of color, though.
I am enjoying hand quilting on this lovely muslin that she used here.  I need to get back to 
using more of this fabric soft to hand quilt.                                                      

Well, folks, beside these two, I am getting a memory quilt made from clothing ready for Lily.
I am working on 3 BOM, and a QAL with our local fabric shop.  A friend is joining me this
afternoon to do a little sewing on the latter project..always fun working together.  Another friend
joined me yesterday to piece our BOM with Jacqueline Steeves...thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.
Have a nice weekend everyone...

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What I am working on...

Hello folks...this past week, I finished hand quilting this Giant Dahlia for a friend.

I have made a ton of these quilts over the years, and each one is striking and so different.
This is a pillow from the pattern I bought from East Coast Quilt Co. in Nfld.  love it! It is called
Be Still My Puffin Heart.

This is a quilt I am working on...a panel with borders added..still adding to it.  This weekend is our
annual community Turkey will be very busy with that the rest of the week.  I will be making rolls, pies, cooking turkeys, and peeling veggies...slicing turkeys, etc. with lots of folks from
our community.  We serve around 600 people in 4 hours. and have lots of laughs.
But, will be very glad when it is over!!!  lol.  Enjoy your week...

Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Customer

It is such a joy to see and hear how folks feel about their quilt, when thy pick them up.  Today, this
custom order was picked up by a couple...they were so full of delight.  It makes it so worth the time
put into a quilt.

Not a great pic, because the original was saved, enlarging causing fuzziness.  But, it is
a very nice quilt.  They picked out their colours, and loved it.  The orange here is really more gold.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ohhhhhh...I Forgot One!!!

Hello again...I absolutely forgot to show you this fractured quilt I made a few weeks ago.

I hope you like it....I really enjoyed doing this piece, and just love it...and it is quilted now. lol

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I'm Still Here!!

Good evening everyone...its been awhile since I last posted.  I always enjoyed posting to my blog and reading all the blog posts.  But, it is getting so frustrating on blogger when things change and I cant post things at my convenience.  I can' post pics from my iPad for some reason anymore, which means
back to the old laptop.  It works fine, but my pics are on the  

Anyway, here I am trying to catch up a bit with you.  I have hand quilted both of these quilts I am about to show you. They both belong to other people though.

This beauty was delivered yesterday...all hand appliqued too.

This lovely Irish Chain was pieced by another friend...both ladies do nice work.
I am staying very busy with quilting this year, I have a custom order on Lily right now, and
more tops waiting to be hand quilted.  I will try to keep up with posting more...thanks for reading.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

WIPs......trying to get back with it here

Good morning is a cloudy, cooler morning here today, which is welcome for now.  lol
I had early morning gardening to do; so that makes it nicer....sun can shine anytime now, please!

On to my WIPs for this week...and hoping to keep up with them now.   I am hand quilting a customer quilt..almost finished and will bind it for her.

This is the second one for this lady, a wedding gift for her daughter and husband.  She did the cross stitch, of course, and then I get it. She does very nice work, I have to say.
Next up is another customer quilt...a young lady just learning to make quilts.  I am machine quilting a couple for her..this is number one just loaded on Lily....have a couple of passes quilted now.
I am quilting a leaf vine all over this one for her. And last, but not least, my own project that I am working on slowly. I am just about to finish the main part of this quilt top...loving it, and is so much fun...Modern Dragonfly
I am now appliqueing the last one...bottom right corner in deep blues. Borders to follow soon.
I am also taking part in two BOMs with fellow bloggers...Sew Incredibly Crazy, and Quilts My Way.
They are so very neat and totally different to work on...thanks ladies!  Can see on my FB page.
I also have 5 quilts for customers waiting to be hand quilted...a busy summer all around. love it.

 Thanks for reading folks...see you soon!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Winter Wonderland!!

Good afternoon folks...I just got in from mowing lawns for about 3 hours, but loved it!  Ok,..except for the swarms of black flies, killers!  I wanted to take a minute to show you my applique quilt that I just finished.  It is a BOM with our fabric shop of them.

This quilt is only 65x79 inches, but I had so much fun doing it....lots of applique, and I don"t normally do a lot of that, but, I did enjoy this...It is now all bound and in the shop.  I am hand quilting a friend"s Giant Dahlia quilt, which I will show you once she has it.  I like them to see their quilt ahead of others.  
Well....lawns done, next week will be the veggie garden, things are up and will need weeding!!!!       

Thursday, June 6, 2019

This Week`s Happening

Hey everyone...I finished hand quilting my Carpenter Star and have it all bound.
I have finished my blocks for both BOMs...they are posted on my facebook page...MarjorieA.Henwood. Sorry I didnt load the pics on this laptop.  eeeeeek.  I have a friend`s 
Giant Dahlia quilt in the frames being hand quilted, and my Winter Wonderland is on lily...just got it
started. I think I have posted it before, but will again for sure once quilted.
Besides this, I am busy mowing lawns and starting my veggie my potatoes in yesterday.

That is about it for now....will be back soon.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Not Posting Much, but Very Busy

Lately, I have been busy quilting up a I have hand quilted two of these quilts, and machine quilted one.

I have machine quilted this throw size quilt, with the Fall Leaves...

This wallhanging....

This wallhanging...

I've finished piecing the Winter Wonderland....ready to machine quilt. Will post a pic
after it is quilted...since I didnt take one  I am almost finished hand quilting
a queen size Carpentar Star...pic to follow soon.  
I am also working on a beautiful quilt top right is so pretty!  I will post pics once it
comes together a bit more....the colors are gorgeous!  Plus, the 2 BOMs are coming up
again, very soon....gotta love being busy!  I have started weeding flower gardens and mowing
lawns again...oh, the joys of late spring.  I do wish it would get warmer, though.  I could stand
a bit for sunshine  In a week or two, we will be planting that huge veggie garden too!!!

Have a wonderful week folks.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Be A Diamond Blog Hop

Hello everyone...I am so pleased to be here with you this morning, sharing my projects.  Blog hops are a great way to enjoy people who enjoy similar things. This time around, I have 2 small pieces to show you.  Table runners are quick, and that is what I have to do lately...very busy with my customer quilts. So, here we are...
This first one is a square in a square, which I didn't realize was classed as a diamond, but it is!

 Okay, runner bare
 Runner with center piece...

This smaller runner is made from the leftover of the first runner...                                                 
And.....with a little ornament again...
Now, I want to show you previous quilts with Diamond patterns.
 These are quilts I made a couple of  years ago...

Thank you Carol, from Just Let Me Quilt, for hosting and making this blog hop possible.               
Now, here is a list of the participants showing their work today...please visit and comment on their projects...make everyone feel good.  Thank you for visiting my space today...I hope you enjoy your day..

April 23

Be A Diamond. Blog Hop

Today - April 22
Seams To Be Sew (moved to April 25th)

April 23

April 24

April 25

April 26

Monday, April 1, 2019


Good evening folks...I am so pleased to see this snow going.  The past few days here have really taken the snow down quickly.  Now, this means I need to keep quilting as much as I can...the season is just around the corner, gardening will be my chore soon.

Right now, though it is is what I am up to right now.  I finished hand quilting my 100 Club quilt today...this measures 102" square, and I love it.
 And this next one is a peek at the one I loaded today, to hand quilt for a customer...
Besides these, I have a customer quilt ready for Lily, and I am working on two t shirt quilts in the sewing room.  My poor fingers are, but still going!
I hope you all have a wonderful week...later.     Ohhhh, and I have my piece ready for the blog hop!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Finish

Yesterday, I finished hand quilting this customer quilt, called Wallflower.  I've done this before for
myself in bright colours. 


In a day or two, I will be putting one of my own quilts on the hand quilting frames.  And I will be loading one on Lily right away also.  I have three of my own quilts to get quilted before moving on to
more customer quilts.  And I have more and more of them arriving every day...which is wonderful!!   
I am working on a couple of little items for the "Be A Diamond" blog hop coming up in April.  I have more applique blocks to make for my WinterWonderland quilt too.

Friday, March 1, 2019


It has been a very busy quilting week...I  hand quilted this Log Cabin quilt in just one week. I have to get the next one moving along was a special request.  so, here it is....
This next one is the Garden Fence, which I machine quilted last week on Lily.....                               
I really like the colors in this to get the next one ready.   I am also about to start my piece for the blog hop....and March's BOM is up, so, busy,                                                            
I am also working on applique blocks of a Winter Wonderland BOM a little later on this.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Another week gone by and moving right along with quilts as planned.  Today I finished hand quilting
the Irish Mist, and I am loving this, love it! 

I have the Garden Fence pin basted and ready to load on the Machine. 
Working on more, of course, but this is it for this time around folks....enjoy your week.

Friday, February 8, 2019

BOM for Feb.


This is the first month of this QAL...I haven't joined one in ages.  But, sounded like, here we are! 
Amy started us out with this round for February, and here are my blocks...they were lots of fun, and make me grin every time I look at

Looking forward to next month....going to be an interesting quilt.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Hey folks, still posting from the laptop, since I don't yet know why I am getting the publishing error40on the iPad..  Anyway, this works, 
I finished hand quilting the antique customer quilt and have it bound...hand pieced also.
This is in the frames to be hand quilted now....Irish Mist
Full view of it....
This is part of my 100 Club quilt....will finish piecing it tomorrow.
More or it is progress....
In a few days, I will get a quilt sandwiched and loaded on Lily....not sure which quilt it will be yet.
Have a wonderful week everyone.  Oh....and I am going to be piecing Feb's blocks for the BOM with Sew Incredibly you later!