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Friday, June 29, 2012

Indiana Puzzle...block # 5...RTQAL

Well I made the block today; not a bit happy with it though... do you sometimes put things together and wonder after....'What the heck???'   Well this is one of  The 2 prints seemed a good idea til I put them together...they would tie together, you know!!!   NOT...I will definitely make this one over, but for now; here it is in all it's glory!! lol

These are my 5 blocks for the Road Trip QAL up to date....redos in the

Have a great is our holiday weekend here...and so far perfect weather.  I hope to get away for a day or two and cruise in the work!!!!......


It has!!!  I did finish the Hunter Star commissoned quilt yesterday and have it bound and ready for pick up. Now on to the next one....I will be linking up Richard and Tanya for their linky Friday, and Sparrow In Flight for TGIFF

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Name Tag!!!

You have to check this out....Madame Samm has made me a special little bowl with my name on it for my blog!! It is just the cutest thing....and please check out the new button on my sidebar.....a new blog hop coming up soon!!!!

Thank you Madame Samm ......this will be my signature from now on....                 

WIP Wednesday

Oh boy!! I will not be sorry to see this week over with.  Monday was simply beautiful, weather wise; hot and sunny . I managed to get the lawns mowed and a little garden work done. It started raining Monday night...and hasn't stopped; as a matter of fact, it has gotten worse!!!! We needed rain, but enough is enough....really!!. lol. Ok ....I got it all out.

WIPs: I still have 2 scrappies to hand quilt:the 2 with the green in them....
           I am just about finished quilting the Hunter Star quilt:
        Still working on the Road Trip QAL: block #4 done now:12 to go...
Now since I posted last week I have picked up 5 more quilts to hand quilt...I will be busy til Fall now.
That's a good thing....and soon; maybe, I'll get a chance to start piecing again. I'll get pics of these new ones soon and post them for you. 
I am linking up to Felicity and Monika; make sure you go there and see what else is going on....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Winning News!!!

I am so excited....just got an email from Lorelie. I entered her giveaway for charm packs and won!!!!
Lucy's Crab Shack is the line I can expect in the mail soon...borrowed the pic from Lorelie...thanks so much for this gift. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Road Trip QAL/ Ohio Star

We are 1/4 the way through the Road Trip QAL..and having so much fun with it. I actually like this block(my colours). Em has been posting a block each week while travelling across these states; and doing a great job.
The link to the QAL is on my sidebar...and so is Flickr where you can see other blocks.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Now if you want to share in some good fortune, head over here. She is a very generous lady, and wants to share with us.  All kinds of goodies to win...for fingers are crossed; don't know how I'll work

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FMQ Challenge

I am posting this just so a friend can see  I am not linking up to the challenge yet; hoping to get a better sample before then.  But here is one sample of this month's challenge...

Ok...I have finished my 2nd sample; I think I like the 1st one better I may never get this, but will keep trying. Sew Cal Gal and Cindy Needham have been wonderful; host and instructor. I want to thank both of them for doing this months challenge; been a real one for me. But I want to somehow get comfortable with this.  In my first sample I used a better colour thread so you can at least see it. But I felt no control til the end. This latest sample I felt much more control; though it doesn't look like  But I didn't use dark enough thread for you to really see things well.  Maybe for the best,eh...stop it!!

I have learned though; that I make one ugly feather!!!!! hahaha. ok pic # 2

You can't see it...shoot; but the pebbling is better this time...and my echoing is better. I guess that's a plus...but what happened to my feathers. I did better a few months

This post is linked up to FMQ Challenge  Thanks for listening.

WIP Wednesday

Good morning all....I almost forgot this today. The time goes by so quickly..I sat down to read some posts; came across a WIP and thought 'what?....they are early enough'. Oh my it is  So here it is:

works in progress:  commissioned quilt finished
                              Road Trip QAL Block # 3 finished
                              next one in the frames and started hand quilting on it.

pics in that order: 
Linking up to Sukie and Monika for a variety of works...join us, please.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blog Award

Holly of  Through My Window gave me the Sunshine award....thank you Holly.  I will answer these questions and pass this award on:
                                                    favorite colour: blue
                                                                  animal: dog
                                                                   number: 3 for my 3 sons
                                                                   drink: tea
                                                                   passion: quilting and gardening                      
                                                    giving or getting:  I love to give
                                                     favorite day: my wedding day
                                                    favorite flower: oh my!! Iris right

I am passing this on to:
Sheilas Quilt World
A Girl in Paradise
Quilt Matters
Canadian Abroad
These are all blogs; among many others that I really enjoy!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

RTQAL/block #3

Pennsylvania Parade is this is even more out of my colour element. But I really like the Summer House layer is making me do things I never would normally do. I will have a very summer like quilt..pinks and blues..that I've never worked with.  This block was a breeze to put together; though after taking the picture; I see where I didn't take quite enough seam allowance on one area...oh It is what  it can see more pics on on my sidebar.  So is the Road Trip QAL if you would like to join us...                  


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday and a Finish

Well today I will be linking up to Brasier House and  Richard and Tanya; hope you join us.  I managed to finish hand quilting the commissioned sampler quilt yesterday.  I really like this quilt; earthy colours are my sort of quilt!!

Now on to the next; right now I have a crib quilt in the frames....something quick for this week.

Enjoy your weekend everyone....take care.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I don't have much to show you this week; even though I have been quilting as much as possible. I should finish(or hope to) the hand quilting on the commissioned quilt later today; probably tonight. And I have finished # 2 for the Road Trip QAL. So; I am up to date with things going on; just not much to show. I want to wait until the quilting is done to take another picture for you.

So; here is the Maryland block from the QAL:

And if anyone of you knows J.Dubbs from the UK; please let me know..I want to thank her for the parcel I received yesterday; a win from May Giveaway. I shamefully forgot the blog.

I am linking up toLee at Freshly Pieced and Monika at TN&TN; please join us..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It is a beautiful sunny day here today. I went into the city this morning to have my nails relaxed. I took the Solstice with the top down; and what a great morning. I came home shortly after lunch to find a package in the mail...from J. Dubbs. I won this during the May Day Giveaway...but do you think I can remember which blog it was from. I feel so very bad. If anyone knows who she is; please, please tell me so I can let her know that I received it...from the UK.  Here it is:
It is lovely vintage fabric..fabric covered buttons...and some elastic. Thank you JDubbs; if you are reading this.

And, of course; while in the city...I stopped by the fabric shop...what?????? lol.  I bought a grab bag of Moda scraps...and here it is opened.
I know I didn't need it; but it went psssssss pssssss as I walked by....what could I do???????????

Monday, June 11, 2012

Block #2 ...Maryland

Well; I finished the second block for the Road Trip QAL. It is not what I was expecting!!
I don't know what I was thinking putting these 2 greens  Reminds me of pea soup.

It went together easily enough..but I will lose a point or 2 when sewn together.....
But it is finished....I can see another version in the near future...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday

What?? Not again!...I was just there.  You know this gets to be a problem as you get older( not that I would know) haha.  Here we go...I don't seem to be doing a lot of quilting or sewing lately..too much outdoor work; I guess.

I am past the center of the commissioned quilt:

I have finished the first block for the Road Trip QAL(sidebar):

I have the pic of the next commissioned one for you: 
and just found out I have 4 more waiting for it!!                      

Now I am linking up to Lee  and Monika; please join us...Lots of great work to see. This post would have been on earlier this morning, but blogger was giving me all kinds of errors....We got it

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Block #1 Finished

It was not a weekend for sewing here...nice weather; so that meant working outside and cruising in the Solstice.
But tonight I did manage to get my first block done for the
road trip QAL.   I love it.....Virginia was a simple block to put together. I used Amy Butler solids for the background and Summer House prints. Looking forward to block #2.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Luck Has Struck Again!!

I honestly don't believe this.....I just found out I won 5 PDF Patterns from Kate. I remember admiring these patterns during the giveaway days of the quilt festival....can't wait to see them.

Hope you all have a great weekend...
Amy's creative side